Rapper Egypxn Death After Killing His Family – Wikipedia Bio And Age


Tiye Adam Washington II, who is also known as EGYPXN, shot his mother, sister, and brother before releasing his Be Free song. Egypxn death is getting media attention recently. 

He entered his mother’s house on March 28 and proceeded to shoot his mother, Tyesha Hall, as well as his 21-year-old sister and 12-year-old brother.

Some reports stated that Virginia rapper EGYPXN released a music video for his song Be Free shortly after committing violent crimes against his family.

Fortunately, his mother, sister, and brother, who were shot, did not die, but they suffered severe injuries and are still recovering.

The incident has similarities to that of Texas rapper Tay-K, who shot a music video while on the run from the police.

However, EGYPXN’s music video was scheduled to be released on YouTube a few days before he committed the crimes against his family.

Following the incident, the local police launched a citywide search for the rapper.

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Rapper Egypxn Death After Killing His Family

There is a curiosity among interent users about the Rapper Egypxn death and the circumstances surrounding it, given that he had previously shot his family.

One day prior to his death, Washington posted a message on Instagram that he referred to as his last request.

In the message, he urged people to evaluate their care for one another, stop consuming animals, stop engaging in wars, and take care of the planet.

Virginia Rapper EGYPXN Shoots Mother Sister and Brother THEN SHOOTS MUSIC VIDEO (Source: YouTube)

He also called for the overthrow of the government and for rebuilding a new foundation. Washington stated that it was time for him to rest.

On March 30, authorities discovered the artist in Rutherford County, North Carolina, and engaged in a standoff with him, ultimately resulting in his being shot and killed by the authorities.

Further information about the rapper Egypxn death is not revealed by the authorities.

Rapper Egypxn wikipedia bio 

There is not much information about the late rapper Egypxn’s wikipedia details because his family and the authorities have not revealed them.

The real name of Egypxn is Tiye Adam Washington II; he hails from Virginia, which is located in the southeastern region of the United States and extends from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains.

EGYPXN’s songs include Tundra (2019), Let It Off (2018), Home Sick (2018), EDGE World (2023), Out of Body (2018), and Summer Salt (2018).

Egypxn death
Watch Rapper EGYPXN Get Killed After Shooting His Mom, Brother, And Sister Then Releasing A Music Video (Source: BlackSportsOnline)

His mother is Tyesha Hall, and he had two other siblings, but the names of the siblings have not been revealed; his sister is 21 years old, and his brother is 12 years old.

All three victims are recovering from the devastating incident, as they have suffered from severe injuries.

Once there is an update on this incident, we will include the information in this very article. So look out!

Rapper Egyptian age

The musical artist was born in 1997; as of 2024, he was 27 years old.

The individuals who were harmed were taken to the main hospital at VCU Medical Centre, where they received medical care for injuries that were potentially fatal.

Tamara Harris and Roneece Walker-Jewett, who are friends of the family, shared their thoughts on the shooting and expressed confusion as to what may have triggered such a violent incident.

VA Rapper Shoots Family, Releases Music Video Before Being Killed By Police (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Harris stated that she was not aware of any conflicts that could have led to such a devastating incident.

On the other hand, Walker-Jewett expressed disbelief and immediately contacted Hall’s ex-husband for confirmation.

While on the phone, she overheard paramedics in the background stating that Hall had been shot twice in the chest.

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