Oli London Before Surgery And Operation, Real Name Age And Wiki

Oli London Before Surgery Operation and age

People invested in social media are curious about Oli London before surgery pictures. 

Talented Internet personality London made a name for herself working as a trans model and uploading vlogs on YouTube.

Famous social media personality Oli London loves to flaunt her skill and looks. The trans woman does everything, be it in music, vlogging, or whatnot.

All boast a lot about her charming look, but there is more to learn about her surgery and personal life grounds. Let’s look at the prevalent rumors that she is trans.

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Oli London Before Surgery

A few then-and-now snips of the viral English social media star stirred attention about whether London has altered her appearance and gender.

In 2022, Oli London came out as a genderfluid trans woman. She revealed her plans to get further surgeries to resemble Blackpink member Rosé.

The trans woman stirred controversy for her multiple ethnic plastic surgery procedures. Born an English man, she is obsessed with South Korean culture and intends to make herself look like BTS member Jimin.

According to Daily Mail, the English man spent at least £125 Thousand to resemble Jimin and has undergone 15 surgeries. 

Oli London Before Surgery And Operation
Oli London Before & After Surgery And Operation. (Source: Daily Mail)

Oli London’s recent attractive transformation has amazed fans if she has undergone more facial enhancement surgery as now she looks like a woman completely.

In 2022, London revealed that she would stop doing surgeries and that she had faith in Christianity. London planned to receive the baptism in the Catholic Church.

Following the trans woman conversion, she began criticizing gender ideology and pinpointed the anti-gender movement.

London’s South Korean looks made her maintain her skin and body so well that her attractive regime seems like child’s play.

London’s before and after snips often confuse people, and his followers never forget to ask, “How does he look both man and woman?

The English viral Internet celebrity now looks more polished in recent pictures, so many hinted otherwise.  

With London’s increasing craze in the audience, the star could have seen possibilities to look like South Korean celebrities.

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Oli London Real Name And Wiki: How Old Is He?

Stylish English Internet star Oli London was born on 14 January 1990. He is 34 years old as of 2024.

Her real name is Oli London. The controversial genderfluid trans woman received global and nationwide recognition for having a charming demeanor and great musical taste. 

Things happened for the trans Internet celebrity too quickly and well. London moved to South Korea in 2013 to teach English. She has always had an interest in South Korean culture.

The decision to leave the UK highlighted the individual’s controversial actions, which critics deemed offensive.

The viral social media star became a television personality as she mainly appeared in several guest appearances, focusing mainly on her surgeries.

The trans woman started attracting media attention after appearing in an episode of Barcroft TV in 2018. The documentary series Hooked On The Look presented her multi-surgery process to resemble Jimin.

Oli London wiki and age
Oli London spent a lot to look like K-pop idols. (Source: Fox News)

Oli acknowledged music in 2019, starting her K-pop career. She released the single Perfection as a bilingual English-Korean song. However, her song received negative comments from critics for excessive autotune.

London released a song, Christmas in Korea, in 2020. Like her previous song, it also received backlash because of the racist lyrics. 

The trans Internet celebrity officially began her acting career in 2021. She starred in the fictionalized short documentary movie Gangnam Beauty. The film was screened at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

London landed two roles, one where he played himself and the other as a sculptor forced to make different masks.

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