Texas: Natalie Barelare Church Arrested – What Happened? Age And Case Details

natalie barelare church arrested

Natalie Barelare Church Arrested for harassing a couple of kids. Natalie went viral on the internet for harassing kids in the garage.

Natalie Barelare Church is also known as Natalie Shannon Church. She identifies herself as a white woman residing in Dallas, Texas, in The United States of America. Before, she lived in multiple places like Richardson and Plano. Before living in Dallas, she also lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

Her father’s name is Joseph Bruno Barelare, and her mother is Norma Jean Barelare. She has a brother named Norman Barelare. Natalie is a divorced mother; she had a husband named Timothy Stephen Church, who was four years older than her.

They had two children while they were together, a son and a daughter. The son of Natalie and Timothy was born in 2005. And on 2013, the grandfather Norman Charles Schifano died in Shelby County in Alabama, the United States. 

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Her former husband was a Jiu-Jitsu player. In 2018, they went to Las Vegas to watch Timothy play and compete against other players in the 2018 World Master International Jiu-Jitsu Federation Championship. Later the following year, she also visited Madame Tussauds Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. 

Texas: Natalie Barelare Church Arrested – What Happened?

Natalie Barelare Church Arrested for passing the downgrade offensive remarks toward minors. She said degrading things about Asian people. Natalie was also arrested before for an intended sex offense too.

Natalie Barelare Church Arrested
Natalie Barelare Church and Hammet abusing minors on the video clip. (Source: Twitter)

The divorce was filed against her husband, Timothy, in 2019 in Collin County, Texas. There are not any confirmed details behind the reason for their divorce. However, After the divorce, Natalie started dating another guy named Marc Damon Hammet. 

And on the other side, Timothy started dating Andrea Gonzales and later got engaged. After dating for over a year, couple decided to get married in 2021.

The grandmother of Natalie, Sara Francis Giambrone Schifano, died at the age of 90 in August 2019 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, the United States of America.

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In July 2022, she publicly visited with Hammett in places like Granbury Downtown Square, Destin, Florida, Austin, and many more. Later in 2022, the coupe was spotted watching the tennis game at the 2022 Women’s Tennis Association Finals at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

Natalie Barelare Church Age

The reports claimed that Natalie Barelare was 50 years old when she got arrested on 13th January 2023. She got detained by Collin County, Texas.

However, her age is yet to be confirmed by the police and herself.

Natalie Barelare Church Case Details

The footage of Natalie Barelare Church and her current boyfriend, March Hammett, harassing got viral after the video got uploaded to the TikTok account. The video spread all over the social media platform, creating hate and case for both.

Natalie Barelare Church Arrested
Mugshot of Natalie Barelare Church Arrested previously. (Source: Facebook)

In the video, the couple seemed to be harassing kids nearby a garage, which got all over the internet. Natalie and Hammett claimed that they followed the kids after those kids showed their middle fingers to them while the couple was driving nearby those kids.

While looking at the video, Natalie is trying to grab the kid’s phone, and Hammett is threatening those kids. Overall, the video is about going on and off to the minors. The couple seemed to be touching everything they found in the garage, and it looked like they broke the garage door while trying to lay off.

Before the couple left, Natalie passed a racist comment towards the Asian people.  

Natalie Barelare Church Arrested
Natalie Barelare’s current partner, Marc Damon Hammett. (Source: ConanDaily)

Later after the video got viral, the couple was identified by Danesh, that they were Natalie Barelare and her boyfriend, Marc Hammett. The two separate Tiktok accounts were created to post the video. One account posted about the event, and another posted that the March Hammett could be identified.

After the video went viral, there were more cases of Natalie Barelare Church, as she had some history of crime and offense. Once, Natalie got arrested for burglary habitation in which the sex offense was intentional.

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