Meet Peter Daicos Parents Stamko and Milka Daicos, Siblings And Wife

Peter Daicos

If you are a fan of Australian rules football, you probably know who Peter Daicos is. He is one of the greatest players in the history of the sport.  But who are the people behind this legend? Who are Peter Daicos Parents?

Peter Daicos is a retired Australian rules footballer who played for the Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL) from 1982 to 1993.

He was known for his remarkable skills as a forward, particularly his ability to kick goals from seemingly impossible angles.

Over the course of his career, Daicos played 250 games for Collingwood and kicked a total of 549 goals.

Meet Peter Daicos Parents – Stamko and Milka Daicos

Peter Daicos was born on 20 September 1961 in Melbourne, Australia. s parents, Stamko and Milka Daicos, were Macedonian immigrants from the village of Vevi in Greek Macedonia. They came to Australia in the 1950s and settled in Preston.

Peter grew up in a tight-knit family that spoke Macedonian at home and attended Sunday church services.

Stamko and Milka Daicos were hardworking and loving parents who wanted their children to have a good education and a happy life.

Peter Daicos Parents
Peter Daicos in a 1989 VFL match against Melbourne. (Source: Collingwoodfc)

They encouraged them to pursue their interests and talents, whether music, art, or sport. They also taught them to be proud of their heritage and culture.

Peter Daicos showed an early interest in Australian rules football, which was unusual for a boy from a migrant background.

He played with his school team at Preston East High School and joined the Preston RSL junior club. He was spotted by Collingwood scouts when he was 17 and invited to train with the senior team.

Stamko and Milka Daicos supported their son’s football career from the beginning. They attended his games, cheered him on, and celebrated his achievements.

They also helped him cope with the challenges and pressures of being a professional athlete. They were his biggest fans and his strongest supporters.

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Peter Daicos siblings – who are they?

Peter Daicos has two sisters, Helen and Maria, who are both older than him. His sisters supported his passion for football, even though it was not a common sport for their ethnic community.

They often watched him play at Preston RSL, where he started his junior career, and later at Collingwood, where he became a legend.

They also share a strong bond with their brother, who they describe as a caring and generous person.

Daicos was recruited by Collingwood in 1979 and played in the club’s reserves team for several seasons before making his senior debut in 1982.

He quickly became known for his skills as a forward, with a particular talent for kicking goals from difficult angles. His kicking style was unorthodox, with a low trajectory and a powerful leg swing.

In his first full season in 1983, Daicos kicked 97 goals and was named the AFL’s leading goalkicker. He was also selected for his first All-Australian team.

Daicos retired from football at the end of 1993, having played 250 games for Collingwood and kicked 549 goals. He was known for his accuracy in front of goal, with a career accuracy rate of 70.57%.

After his playing career ended, Daicos went on to work as a media commentator and football analyst and has remained involved in the sport in various capacities.

Peter Daicos Wife – who is she?

Peter Daicos is married to his wife Collen Daicos. She has been married to Peter for more than 30 years.

She is a private person who prefers to stay out of the spotlight, but she has always supported her husband and sons in their football careers.

Colleen and Peter met when they were young and fell in love. They had a wedding in Australia and started a family together. They have three children: Josh, Nick, and Maddie. 

Peter Daicos
Peter Daicos with his wife and children. (Source: The Age)

Colleen has been a devoted mother and wife, raising her children and taking care of the household.

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