MD David Langer Ski Accident – Inujury Health Update And Age

David Langer Ski Accident

Many people want to know about the David Langer Ski Accident. An American neurosurgeon is the head of neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

He also teaches neurosurgery and radiology at Hofstra/Northwell’s Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine. Lenox Hill in 2020 and Emergency: NYC in 2023, both Netflix docuseries, featured Langer.

In addition to writing for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, Langer has appeared on several television shows, including CNN, Fox Television, ABC News, and CBS. As well. The medical journals World Neurosurgery and Neurosurgery are peer-reviewed by Langer.

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MD David Langer Ski Accident – Injury

Early in 2022, David suffered severe injuries in a skiing incident. The neurosurgeon wrote an open letter for MedPage Today in which he detailed the entire awful experience and explained how it changed his perspective on life forever.

When the doctor chose to explore a smooth cat track followed by a 6-foot snow mound while skiing in Colorado sometime last year, he quickly came to regret his choice. According to David, when he awoke, he was on his stomach, with his neck twisted to one side and blood on his nose.

However, when Langer attempted to reach out to stop the bleeding, he discovered he was immobile, and the doctor quickly recognized he had suffered a significant spinal cord injury. David said, “My arms were locked behind me and wouldn’t move”.

David had numerous thoughts about his family while he was waiting for the ski patrol . He requested an airlift when the ski patrol showed around since he was aware of the damage his spinal cord had endured.

The doctor, however, became aware of his ability to tap his toes together while being flown and convinced himself it was an “incomplete injury.” David was given the temporary spinal cord injury diagnosis of central cord syndrome upon admission to a Denver hospital.

MD David Langer Health Update

By practicing walking and standing, the doctor was able to regain some power in his body, but surgery was still scheduled. David understood he needed to ask his coworkers for assistance to heal his spine when he got back to New York.

He decided to approach his coworkers for healing because it was the most natural thing to do and because they already had the necessary training, expertise, and understanding. He also said that rather than being a turnoff, his emotional connection to them was a draw.

David Langer Ski Accident
David Langer going skiing again after one year( Source: Instagram)

However, the incident gave David a sense of empowerment, and things that had previously caused him anxiety no longer bothered him.

According to his most recent Instagram postings, the doctor appears to be able to go skiing once more with the friends that helped him at the time.

MD David Langer Age

Terry and Joan Langer welcomed David Jonathan Langer into the world on June 18, 1963. As of 2023, he will be 60 years old in June.

Langer graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree before continuing to the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine to complete his medical education.

Northwell Health hired Langer in 2013 to launch a neurosurgery division at Lenox Hill Hospital. Since then, the division has developed to place Lenox Hill Hospital among the top 50 hospitals for neurology and neurosurgery according to the U.S. News & World Report.

David Langer
Poster of the Netflix series Lenox Hill( Source: Instagram)

Langer and Gregory Odland started Playback Health in January 2018. A mobile platform application called Playback enables medical professionals to make multimedia reports and instructions that are shared with patients directly.

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