Luna Wedler Boyfriend – Is She Dating Aaron Hilmer? Relationship Timeline And Dating History

Luna Wedler Boyfriend

Who is Luna Wedler Boyfriend? The Swiss actress has been creating a lot of buzz lately. Continue reading to find out everything about her love life.

Luna Wedler, who is only 23 years old, has already had a couple of successful movies and a well-liked Netflix series that will return for a second season.

Biohackers gave her the opportunity to showcase her skills to the globe. In the series, she portrays Mia Akerlund.

The show revolves around Mia, a medical student who discovers the use of highly advanced biohacking technology in her university town.

Luna is already considered one of the most talented people to have emerged from Europe in recent years. In 2021, people are curious Who is Luna Wedler Boyfriend? Continue reading to find out.

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Luna Wedler Boyfriend

Luna Wedler boyfriend is rumored to be her co-star, Aaron Hilmer. The two have been seen frequently on different occasions, which has fueled the curiosity of the fans.

Although none of the artists have openly addressed anything about their relationship with each other, leaving their fans to speculate on their own.

It seems Aaron and Hilmer are just close friends sharing similar backgrounds. Aaron Hilmer and Luna Wedler are both Swiss actors who co-starred in the 2018 movie “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.”.

There aren’t many things the two performers have in common apart from that they are both Swiss and worked together on that specific movie. (Source: Instagram)

They have chosen various roads in their acting careers. Hilmer has appeared in both German and American productions, whilst Wedler has largely worked in Swiss and German movies and television shows.

Additionally, they have received praise for their work in a variety of ways, with Wedler winning prizes for her roles in “Blue My Mind” and “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” and Hilmer winning praise for his work in the German TV series “Club der roten Bänder.”

Luna Wedler Relationship Timeline

Luna Wedler is just 23 years old with a lot to come in the future. As of 2023, she is supposedly single.

However, the actress has not been publicly linked with anyone romantically. 

Wedler has a background in dance and has studied at the Zurich Dance Academy in addition to her acting profession. She has garnered several nominations and awards for her work in both cinema and television in recognition of her skill.

For her roles in various movies and television shows, Luna Wedler has received numerous nominations and awards.

She was given the Shooting Stars Award in 2018 to young European performers who are regarded as “the stars of tomorrow.”

Luna posted this picture with Aaron back in 2018 teasing her followers. (Source: Instagram)

The Günter-Rohrbach-Filmpreis was also awarded to her and her co-star Aaron Hilmer for their roles in “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.”

The same year, her performance in “Blue My Mind” earned her the Swiss Film Award for Best Actress. 

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Luna Wedler Dating History

Luna Wedler is a relatively private person. Even though she is known for her privacy, her fans can’t help but speculate about her personal life.

They are always looking for clues and hints about her relationships, interests, and daily life. Every little detail that surfaces about her is analyzed and dissected by her fans, who are desperate to know more about the enigmatic star.

Luna, in her early days, posted this after being cast in her first-ever movie. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, 2014 started her acting career when she landed a tiny part in the Swiss movie “Amateur Teens.”

Since then, she has appeared in various movies and TV shows, including the Swiss-German movie “Blue My Mind,” for which she won praise for her portrayal of the protagonist character Mia.

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