Kash Doll Net Worth: Income & Rap Career

Kash Doll

American rapper, singer, model, and songwriter Kash Doll’s net worth is a staggering $2 million.

Originally Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, Kash Doll was born on March 14, 1989, in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Kash is best known for her songs like For Everybody (2017) and Ice Me Out (2018). 

Kash Doll is signed to Republic Records. She has collaborated with several artists like Iggy AzaleaBig Sean, K. Michelle, and Meek Mills.

Kash Doll Posing for the Camera (Source: From The Stage)

She was fond of rapping from a young age and often performed in clubs and schools of her areas.

In 2019, Kash released her first album ‘Stacked,’ which was nominated for the Detroit Music Award for Outstanding National Major Record Label.

She attended Henry Ford College to study Business Management (BM) but left within a year to fulfill her family’s financial needs.

Soon her talent found its way to success as she gained mainstream recognition as a rapper.

Kash Doll | Quick Facts

Let’s look at quick facts to understand more about Kash Doll.

Birth Name Arkeisha Antoinette Knight
Professional Name Kash Doll
Birth Date March 14, 1992
Age 32 Years Old
Birth Place Detroit, Michigan, USA
Height 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight 65 kg (143.5 lbs)
Body Measurements 36-26-38 inches
Religion Christian
Gender Female
Nationality American
Facial Feature Long Hair, Beautiful Eyes
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Rapper, Songwriter, Singer, Model
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Genres Hip Hop
Horoscope Pisces
Ethnicity African-American
Sibling 6
High School Henry Ford School, Detroit City High Schoo
College Henry Ford College
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Tracy T
Children 1 baby boy (Kashton Prophet Richardson)
Active Since 2014-Present
Merch Kash Doll Offical Store
Social Media FacebookTwitterInstagram 
Last Update May 2024

Kash Doll | Net Worth and Income

Talented female rapper and songwriter Kash Doll’s net worth is massive $ 2 million.

She has collected huge wealth through her music career.

Kash makes anywhere in between $150,000 to $250,000 from her record sales, concerts, and stage performances.

The majority of her net worth depends on royalties from her music and features, consisting of several hits.

As an established female rapper, she takes around $25,000 to $40,000 for a private show.

Kash is currently signed to Republic Records and releases all her music through the company. Even though the deal was not disclosed to the public, it is safe to assume that she was handed an enormous check.

Kash is also a renowned businesswoman who runs multiple profitable business ventures.

She owns Kasa de Doll Boutiques and Full Service Beauty Bars in locations like Detroit, Columbus, and a few others, making her a fortune.

Similarly, she has her clothing line, Kash Doll Collection. The income from her clothing line has not been revealed but considering its success, she earns an enormous amount.

In addition, she earns a big check from YouTube’s advertisement revenue and sponsorship, further increasing Kash Doll’s net worth. 

She has more than 556K YouTube subscribers making her $748 to $12K estimated monthly earnings and $9K to $143.7K estimated yearly earnings.

Furthermore, Kash Doll has more than 980k monthly listeners on Spotify, making significant money from millions of streams.

Net Worth of Kash Doll in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Kash Doll’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 1,745,470
Pound Sterling £ 1,456,500
Australian Dollar A$ 2,750,068
Canadian Dollar C$ 2,496,470
Indian Rupee 148,335,000
Bitcoin ฿ 47

Kash Doll | Houses, Cars, Jewelry, and Watches


As of May, 2024, Kash Doll’s net worth is $2 million.

In 2019, Kash Doll bought a massive Grosse Pointe Farms mansion. Kash lives with her mother and siblings in the 7,295 sq ft suburban Detroit mansion.

Kash Doll Net Worth
Kash Doll’s Detroit Mansion (Source: Patch.com)

But, in 2021, she listed her house, the most expensive in that area, for $2 million. Since then, the market price of that house has increased to $2.9 million.

After moving from the mansion, she hasn’t revealed her current house, though she is rumored to live with her boyfriend.


Like most rappers, Kash Doll likes to spend her huge income on expensive automobiles. As a result, she has a wide range of car collections.

When she was a teenager, she drove a $32,000 Dodge Magnum RT. But as she got successful, her ride has been upgraded to more expensive and exotic ones.

Kash Doll owns a Rolls-Royce Ghost costing around $311,900. Similarly, she is also seen riding a $41,000 Mercedes-Benz GLC300.

In addition, she bought a brand new 2021 Maserati, whose starting price is around $74,740.

In 2020, Kash Doll received an expensive brand new Bentley from an unidentified male, who she refers to as her “sugar daddy.” The white car with an all-red interior costs more than $200,000.

Jewelry and Watches 

Rapper Kash Doll likes to wear jewelry, watches, and rings. She has frequently mentioned her love for jewelry.

Her first piece of jewelry was a $400 charm with her name, but unfortunately, she lost it in a fight.

After that, she purchased a $900 Joe Rodeos watch, which was extremely expensive considering her regular job at that time. However, she was fond of buying jewelry even before she blew up.

Similarly, she has an iced-out Kash Doll ring and Kash Doll bracelet. Kash also has a half-carat bracelet full of diamonds. She believes in buying quality jewelry, hence buys mostly diamonds.

Kash Doll Net Worth
Kash Doll’s Jewelry (Source: Her Twitter)

In addition, she even owns a Cuban anklet. Her jewelry collection contains several expensive necklaces, including a $100,000 chain.

Her insane collection can shock anyone, but her favorite piece of jewelry is a Cuban link bracelet, which she received from her fans, Kash Brats.

Talking about watches, she owns a $70,000 Audemars Piguet watch and a $40,000 Rolex.

In 2021, while she was shooting a music video in San Fernando Valley, she lost $500,000 worth of expensive jewelry as her car was robbed.

Kash Doll | Lifestyle

Kash Doll lives a luxurious life as a multi-millionaire. She started working from a young age to support her family.

Similarly, she even worked as a stripper. As she got successful, Doll took good care of her family.

She is currently dating another fellow Detroit rapper, Tracy T. In January 2022, the couple gave birth to a baby boy, Kashton Prophet Richardson.

Karl loves to wear fashionable and branded clothes. She is also a huge fan of designer shoes and loves to collect them.

In fact, she has a huge shoe closet where she keeps her many designer shoes. Similarly, she also has a room full of designer bags.

Kash loves wearing jewelry and owns many diamond engraved watches, gold, and diamond bracelets.

She starts her morning by usually checking her phone, primarily social media, to know what’s going on in the world.

Kash does most of her business by email, so she never forgets to check her mail.

She rarely stays home due to continuous touring and stage shows, but whenever she is at home, she likes taking a shower in the morning and a long bath at night.

Her bathtub is decorated with perfumes and flowers that she uses to enjoy a relaxing bath. She has a heated towel rack in her bathroom; that’s how luxurious her life is!

Karl is also a fitness freak as she workout whenever she finds time. She usually lifts dumbbells and goes running.


Kash Doll loves to travel and make memories. She rarely stays home due to a busy work schedule, traveling to different places for concerts and tours. She mostly posts stories of her travel on her social media.

In 2021, Kash went to Jamaica to celebrate ‘Independence Day Weekend’ with her boyfriend. The couple stayed at an exotic private hotel enjoying the local culture and food.

Kash Doll | Charity

Kash likes doing charity and often gets involved in non-profit work. She loves giving back to her community, and unfortunate.

She runs B.A.D. (Black American Doll) Girls initiative, whose aim is to donate dresses to young females in the Detroit area during prom season. She even helps to sponsor community events.

She was given the Spirit of Detroit Award for continuous effort and work for her hometown.

Similarly, in 2018, she gave scholarships to four girls for phlebotomy school who lacked funds.

Kash has performed in several charity shows during her career. She has always been a giver but doesn’t like to stunt and brag about her generous effort.

Kash Doll | Movies, Investments, and Endorsements


Popular female rapper Kash Doll has cameoed and acted in a few movies and television shows. According to IMDB, she has eight credits as an actor.

In 2020, she made her acting debut by appearing in the hit musical drama series Empire.

Similarly, she appeared in BMF with a recurring role.

In addition, she has also featured in movies like I Got the Hook Up 2 (2019) and Birds of a Feather 2 (2018).


Aside from rapping and acting, Kash is also a savvy businesswoman. She has made several investments from her income to generate profit.

She has invested in Kasa De Doll Beauty Enterprises, Kasa De Doll Beauty Boutique, and Kasa De Doll Beauty Bars, making a fortune in return.

Similarly, she owns Kasa Doll Collection, her clothing line. The clothing company is one of her best investments yet.

In addition, she is also a proud owner of an emoji application, KDmoji. Kash app’s idea was a massive success as the emoji application became top ten in Apple App Store.

The app was such a hit due to its ability to express the lifestyle of black women.


Kash Doll has endorsed a few beauty products like First Aid Beauty’s pure skin face cleanser, Origins Ginzing, and Aveeno moisturizer. These products are her morning essentials and approve its use.

Other than that, we couldn’t dig out any information related to her endorsement.

But she has a substantial social media following, which gives her the freedom to engage in endorsement posts whenever she wants.

Kash Doll | Career

In 2014, Kash Doll released a remix of Tinashe’s song, ‘2 On’. The music started her career as she received several show booking and radio opportunities after its release.

She released a video for her single Run Me My Money in 2015. The song went viral and gave her widespread recognition.

The same year, Kash released her first mixtape, KREAM Kash Rules Everything Around Me. 

Kash Doll Net Worth
Kash Doll’s Cover Pic of the First Mixtape (Source: Detroit Metro Times)

The release led her to a record deal with BMB Records, and through the company, she released another mixtape, Keisha VS. Kash Doll.

Kash Doll released her third mixtape, Trapped in The Dollhouse, in 2016. Similarly, in 2017, she was featured on Metro Boomin and Big Sean’s single So Good. 

In addition, she released an EP, The Vault, on streaming platforms in 2018. Furthermore, 

Some Interesting Facts About Kash Doll

  • In order to support her family, Kash even worked as a stripper before her musical career. Surprisingly, she earned a whopping $26,000 as a top dancer one night.
  • Kash used to write poetry during her school days. Her wordplay and thoughtful literature became the foundation of a successful rap career.
  • Karl Doll was arrested when she fought her sister’s boyfriend, who assaulted her. Her sentence was nine months of probation and anger management sessions.


Is Kash Doll having a girl?

No, Kash Doll gave birth to a healthy baby boy in January of 2022.

Has Kash Doll dated Drake?

She has denied the rumor and respectfully called her relationship with Drake just friends.

Why was there beef between Kash Doll and Cardi B?

Rapper YG promised to give a verse in his song to Kash but gave it to Cardi B instead, which was the main reason for disagreement. But the rappers have clarified that there is no beef between them.

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