John Travolta Net Worth: Houses & Career

John Travolta, the American actor, producer, singer, and dancer, has a staggering net worth of 250 million USD, as of 2024.

The Golden Globe Award winner became popular after portraying the role of Vinnie Barbarino in the American sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter.

John Travolta
John Travolta

Besides, Travolta is known for starring in classic movies such as Grease, Pulp Fiction, and Saturday Night Fever.

Came in prominence in around 1970, John’s career went downhill in the following decade. However, he rose again with some great acting projects in the mid-1990s.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about John Travolta.

Full Name John Joseph Travolta
Date of birth February 18, 1954
Age 70 years old
Gender Male
Place Of Birth Englewood, New Jersey, United States
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Producer, Singer
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnicity mixed (Irish-American)
Residence Englewood, U.S
Height 6’2″ (188 cm)
Weight 214 lbs (97 Kg)
Color Of Hair Dark Brown
Color Of Eye Blue
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter
Father’s Name Salvatore Travolta
Mother’s Name Helen Cecilia Burke
Siblings Sam Travolta, Ellen Travolta, Joey Travolta, Ann Travolta, Margaret Travolta
Marital status Widowed
Education Dwight Morrow High School
Spouse Kelly Preston (m. 1991–2020)
Children Jett Travolta, Ella Bleu Travolta, Benjamin Travolta
Active Years 1972–present
Net Worth 250 million USD
Last Updated March, 2024

John Travolta Net Worth and Income

The net worth of famous Hollywood superstar John Travolta is a whopping 250 million dollars.

John was really at his peak during the 1990s, and at that time, he did receive 20 million USD per movie.

Travolta rose in prominence after starring in Saturday Night Fever, for which he was paid 1 million dollars. To detail, it was a part of three films contract done with him.

Likewise, John played the role of Vincent Vega in the very famous 1994 crime-drama film, Pulp Fiction, for which he was paid 1.4 million dollars. However, for the very film, the main leads were given $20,000 per week. And, the movie fantastically grossed 213.9 million USD at the box office.

Similarly, Travolta starred in another popular 1978’s romantic film, Grease.

The movie- Grease was made with a budget of $6 million and successfully collected $366.2 million. This particular film helped John be recognized, and in the following decade, he was one of the highest-paid superstars in Hollywood.

Reportedly, John Travolta earns $27.48 million annually, bringing the monthly salary of $2.29 million.

Net Worth of John Travolta in Different Currencies

Here is the net worth of the actor in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 211,175,000
Pound Sterling £ 179,881,250
Australian Dollar A$ 338,781,000
Canadian Dollar C$ 313,731,250
Indian Rupee 18,548,537,500
BitCoin ฿ 6,330

Houses, Cars, Watches


The Florida House

Travolta owned a gorgeous waterfront property in Florida, which he purchased back in 2017 for $3 million. However, he sold this retreat for $4 million after losing her beloved wife, Kelly Preston.

Located in Clearwater, Florida, this mid-century modern estate is nothing but just unique and wonderful. Originally, the house was built in 1988 and spans 4,346 square feet of living space. Furthermore, it features five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

The coastal home has a glass wall and boasts a view of Clearwater Harbor while having its own beautiful garden spread on 1.2 acres of this property. Moreover, the house features a spacious open-plan living area which can be found once entered through the gallery.

This two-story pad allows plenty of natural light to fill inside the house, along with soft breezes coming right from the harbor. To detail, the property sports a large sitting/living room, a modern kitchen, a dining room, and a lot of indoor/outdoor spaces.

Likewise, there is a master suite opening to the garden and has few other comforts, such as a luxury bathroom and a perfect outdoor terrace.

Talking about the outdoor, there is a swimming pool and a cabana. And not to forget the dock!

House in Maine

It is another previously owned house of John Travolta which he listed on market for $4.25 million in February 2021.

John and Kelly purchased this breathtaking island home for the first time after they married in 1991, and Travolta decided to let it go after 30 years.

The exterior of the house

Spanned over 48 acres of land, this massive house features 42 rooms; yes, you read it right! Having a huge family, John always wanted a big home for the holidays like Christmas, and this island hideaway is perfect for serving enough guests.

Some of the features of this estate are having a gorgeous swimming pool and access to the beach. Moreover, you can find heavenly woodland trails and a rustic barn that could also serve as a garage.

To detail, there are twenty bedrooms and seven bathrooms inside this house—similarly, a well-equipped kitchen with a wooden touch and stainless appliances.

The house is made on a theme of English country home boasting several vibrant accessories. Also, many of these furnishings were already in the house when Travolta purchased it, and he later re-fished the estate.

The master suite is one of the rooms highly praised inside this mega-mansion. It includes a wall of windows and serves coziness. Likewise, there is a big walk-in closet and a traditional fireplace.

Travolta’s previous house in Clearwater, Florida, is also nestled near Sabbathday Harbor, thus featuring a dock.

The Brentwood Mansion

Back in 1997, a two-acre property located in the Westside of Los Angeles was purchased by John Travolta and his ex-wife Kelly Preston for $3.5 million.

Again, in 2020, the power couple sold this property for a hefty $18 million, making almost a profit of $14.5 million. The house was brought by Scooter Braun, the talent manager of Justin Bieber.

Originally built in 1949, this Spanish-style property features ten bathrooms and ten bedrooms. Additionally, there are two garages inside the property. Likewise, the house boasts a swimming pool and a tennis court.

The Airport Home in Florida

Just when you thought John Travolta’s house list would come to an end, here is the unique airport home he owns.

In Jumbolair Aviation Estates, Travolta and Preston purchased a property spanning 6,600 square feet. To detail, in 2001, John purchased this beautiful home with a subtle mid-century touch.

Travolta's airport home
Aerial view of Travolta’s airport home

The airport-house made up of concrete and glass boasts a 7,545-foot long runway. Not only but also, there is a separate grass runaway spanning 3,599 feet.

Being an experienced pilot himself, it all makes sense. Additionally, you can also find Travolta’s own airplanes resting in the front yard.

John Krasinski beautiful houses!

The house in Calabasas

One more house to the list! This Mediterranean-style house located in Calabasas, California, is reportedly the last house John and Kelly purchased together.

In 2019, the couple bought this gorgeous villa, spending 2.7 million USD, which serves a living space of 7,500 square feet. Furthermore, the house features six bedrooms and six bathrooms.

John Travolta’s Calabasas mansion

Originally built in the mid-1990s, the house offers an infinity-edge pool, spa facilities, a parking space for up to eight cars, and lots of other amenities.

This sprawling estate sits on an isolated community, and there are guarded gates for security. Moreover, it overlooks the cross mountain canyon.

The house’s interiors are very spacious, have high ceilings, and allows plenty of natural light to roam inside.

On the outside, you can find a gorgeous swimming pool along with a patio and grill station. Likewise, the garden adds the oomph to the overall beauty this pad offers.


John Travolta in his classic Mercedes 280SL
John Travolta in his classic Mercedes 280SL

The man has a bunch of both classic and modern beauties, and the name of those two-wheelers have been mentioned below:

  1. Rolls-Royce Phantom
  2. Jaguar XJ6
  3. 1970 Boss 302 Mustang
  4. 1964 Chevelle Malibu
  5. 1955 Ford Thunderbird
  6. 1956 Ford Thunderbird
  7. 1957 Ford Thunderbird
  8. 1970 Mercedes Benz 280SL
  9. 2003 TVR Tuscan


Travolta has frequently been spotted wearing Breitling, the Swiss Luxury Watches. He is also the brand ambassador for the company. According to John, “A suit and a good watch are all he requires.

Breitling Navitimer
Travolta wearing the Breitling Navitimer

A couple of Breitling time-pieces worn by Travolta are:

  • Breitling Navitimer 01
  • Breitling Chronomat 44

As a matter of fact, he has worn them in real life and his movies such as Broken Arrow, Wild Hogs, The Taking of Pelham, etc.

Private Jets

The man with a home at the aviation estate has three Gulfstream jet planes sitting in his front yard. In fact, he is the only private citizen in the US who owns and flies a Boeing 707.

Boeing 707
Travolta in his Boeing 707

In fact, he has been honored with the awards such as Living Legend Ambassador of Aviation in 2007 and an Award of Excellence in 2003.

Travolta has a team of six staff helping him operate the aircraft. Along with his crew, John wears a navy blue uniform and those white caps.

The actor owns Bombardier Challenger 601Boeing 707–138, and USAir Boeing 727.

Additionally, he did once own a JetStar 731, Douglas DC-3, and a Constellation. Likewise, John had an Eclipse 500 added to his collection.

Lifestyle and Vacations

John Travolta, after losing his wife to cancer, currently lives with his family. He spent the lockdown in his Meditteranean-style house in Calabasas.

Travolta was always into fitness. During the 1990s, he was renowned everywhere for his brilliant acting and chiseled physique. According to John, taking up exercise is a little like learning to fly.

Some of the go-to workouts sworn by Travolta are lunges, splits, stretches, hip thrusts, and squats.

He also had some ground rules for when one should not exercise; when one is feeling immensely tired, when one is ill or recovering, and lastly when you are in a rush and don’t have enough time to finish your exercises.

Speaking about diet plans, Travolta suggested not to eat anything extremely hot or cold. And, to finish the last meal of the day before 6 o’clock.


Paris is one of the most desired getaway places of John Travolta, and Eiffel Tower happens to be his favorite destination there. He has often been spotted spending time with his family.


In memory of their deceased son Jett, John Travolta and his late wife, Kelly Preston, founded a non-profit organization in 2009- The Jett Travolta Foundation.

Since its establishment, The Jett Travolta Foundation has contributed to several causes. To detail, it has already donated almost $56,000.

Likewise, the couple contributed $10,000 to Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund while visiting South Africa together. The organization provides reinforcements to impoverished children.

Similarly, Travolta, along with his late wife, has also contributed to Heroes Health Fund. He has also pledged help during the hard times brought by hurricane Katrina.

John Travolta is a very generous person, and he has supported several other causes such as Children with AIDS, Last Chance for Animals, 21st Century Leaders, End Hunger Network, Luke Neuhedel Foundation, Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, Red Cross, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and so on.

Movies, Investments, and Endorsements


During this time, John Travolta, one of the most beloved actors, has given quite great films to Cinema history. Some of the remarkable acting projects starring Travolta are mentioned here:

  • The Thin Red Line (1964)
  • Primary Colors (1998)
  • Saturday Night Fever (1977)
  • Blow Out (1981)
  • Get Shorty (1995)
  • Bolt (2008)
  • Hairspray (2007)
  • Face/Off (1997)
  • Carrie (1976)
  • Pulp Fiction (1994)


Throughout these years, John Travolta has invested in various sectors. He is quite a real-estate mogul investing in a bunch of properties from time to time.

Then, airplanes are the next thing Travolta invested in. He does not just own airplanes but operates them commercially.

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, Grease (1977)

The actor has also produced a handful of movies. Furthermore, John Travolta still receives royalties for his 1978’s film Grease, after all these years. Anything related to the movie, like DVDs, online deals, merchandise, etc., brings him money.


Let’s start with the airplanes. Travolta has remained the Brand Ambassador for Qantas Airways. John also flew planes for the particular airways. The actor-pilot was honored with the ambassador title in June 2002.

Travolta has also done few ad commercials like for Ypióca, a Brazillian rum. Furthermore, he has supported some sunglasses brands like Oakley Square Wire Sunglasses and Smith Super Method Sunglasses while acting in his movies.

He is the global ambassador of Breitling Chronomat watches. Likewise, Travolta has appeared on the cover of several magazines such as GQ, TIME, People, Playgirl, etc.


John Travolta was born John Joseph Travolta on February 18, 1954, in New Jersey, United States. He was the youngest child of six children and had an interest in the acting field.

His mother helped Travolta as she was a drama teacher, and at the age of 16, he officially left his studies to pursue an acting career.

John made his Broadway debut in 1972, performing in Rain. Prior to that, he did few advertisements and minor television roles.

Travolta was first recognized for starring in the TV show Welcome Back, Kotter (1975–79), but he rose in prominence after appearing in the 1977 blockbuster movie Saturday Night Fever.

However, his career went downhill the following decade, but Travolta beamed again in the famous crime cult movie Pulp Fiction (1994), directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Personal Life

In 1976, Travolta met the late actress Diana Hyland and fell in love with her. In fact, Diana was his first love whom he wanted to get married to. Unfortunately, she died of cancer in 1977.

Then in 1989, he met the late actress Kelly Preston. The couple dated for a while and exchanged their marriage vows in a midnight ceremony on September 12, 1991. They actually ran to Paris and got married at the Hotel De Crillon.

John Travolta with his late wife Kelly Preston
John Travolta with his late wife, Kelly Preston

Together, John and Kelly had three children; the firstborn son Jett (1992), the second daughter Ella (2000), and the third son Benjamin (2010). Sadly, they lost their first son Jett to seizure in 2009.

Well, adding one more tragic event to Travolta’s life, on July 12, 2020, he lost his wife Kelly, who was battling breast cancer for two years.

Interesting Facts about John Travolta

  1. Even though Travolta has played several high school kid’s roles, he did not finish his formal education in real life. At the age of 16, with his parents’ approval, John dropped out of high school and followed the acting career.
  2. John Travolta lost his first son in 2009. In his memory, John contributed his Gulfstream II jet to the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame.
  3. Travolta requires his coffee very strong. In fact, he uses half a pound of Starbucks blend to prepare his morning coffee and doesn’t have it another way.
  4. Five favorite places of John Travolta, which he loves to visit, are Sydney, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Shannon, and Paris.
  5. Travolta and Pitbull are friends. In fact, it was Pitbull who inspired the actor to shave his head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was John Travolta offered a role in the movie Chicago?

Yes, he was offered the role, but he turned it down, after which Richard Gere received the role. Travolta admits it is the biggest professional loss of his career.

Did John Travolta and Princess Diana dance together?

Yes, Travolta danced with Princess Diana at an event that occurred at the White House. John asked Princess Diana for dance, and as a matter of fact, the princess wanted to dance with him too. Later, as a tribute for the night and that dance, she named her dress “Travolta Dress.”

Which role was played by Travolta in the movie Bolt?

Bolt is the 2009 animated movie in which John Travolta lend his voice for the role of Bolt, the dog who had superpowers. Miley Cyrus was also in the movie for the role of Penny. Together, Miley and John also sang a song for the movie “I Thought I Lost You.”

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