Jasmine Robinson Missing Case, Was She Pregnant? Family And Case Details

The missing case of Jasmine Robinson // 23-Years Old & Pregnant?

Jasmine was raised in Archer, Florida, where she was born on February 6, 1996. Jasmine would reside in the Gainesville, Florida, suburb of Archer for the bulk of her life.

Jasmine adopted the moniker “Beezy” from her basketball team in middle school and continued to go by that name into adulthood. She was the silly child who was a constant source of amusement. She was very likable and generally got along with everyone.

She participated in the choir at St. Joseph Baptist Church in Archer in addition to enjoying sports and other activities with her pals.

Jasmine Robinson Missing Case, Was She Pregnant?

Jasmine discovered she was pregnant in 2018. The father of her child was never revealed to the public; he was at the time legally wed to someone else.

But they would not stay together, and Jasmine would continue to reside in Archer with her grandmother when she was pregnant.

On February 20, her relatives reportedly filed a missing person report. Deputies are re-posting a video of Robinson’s family appealing for information in the hopes that it may generate fresh leads in the investigation.

(Source: NBCNEWS)

There are numerous rumors circulating, but keep in mind that they are only that—rumors.

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Bertha Williams, Robinson’s aunt, said: “We truly want the community to join together. Something got taken away, and it hurts, it aches, it hurts daily. You’re left here to continue praying because it’s the only thing keeping us together because you don’t know. Robinson is regarded as having disappeared in mysterious circumstances.


No evidence of a struggle was found, according to police who examined the house. They also disclosed that they thought Jasmine had left the residence on the night of February 18, however, it was probably not only her.

In Addition, Jasmine had a motive for running away as well. She has a court date coming up. Perhaps she had wanted to alter her request but had been too afraid. She would have to make a financial repayment as a result, which may have caused her anxiety as the court date drew near. She was expecting a child and would soon have to take care of one.

Jasmine Robinson Family And Case Details

Jasmine Robinson, pregnant woman who has been missing for more than three months, is now the subject of new search area, according to Alachua County Sheriff’s detectives.
Shantavia Robinson, Jasmine Robinson’s sister, said, “I miss her much. 
“I spoke to her last on February 18,” you say.
Since February 19, 23-year-old Jasmine Robinson has been reported missing to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.
When Robinson vanished, she was about six to seven months along. 
Jasmine Robinson missing
Jasmine Robinson [Alachua County Sheriff’s Office] The Gainesville Sun
range of emotions is running through Shantavia as she waits for her sister to come back.
We are in critical situation, and we require solutions, she declared.

Currently, ASO has identified location in Alachua County to seek out Jasmine.According to Lt. Brett Rhodenizer, “people will notice in the coming days that we’ll have a series of signboards in the Archer and Newberry area as detectives have been able to identify an area of interest in our ongoing search for Jasmine Robinson.

Latalya Hunt, a cousin of Jasmine, thinks the sign boards will aid in generating new leads for the investigation.

The more exposure, in my opinion, the better, said Hunt. “I firmly believe that the indicators are quite beneficial. That might trigger someone’s recollection.”


Robinson’s child was due to arrive this month.

The sister of Robinson is hopeful someone will come forward with information about what happened to her sister and her niece.

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UPDATE (2/10/2020)

The fact that she was last seen on February 18 but wasn’t reported missing until the next day, according to police, has complicated the inquiry.

We were about a day late when it started, which makes it challenging for us to go back and preserve evidence, preserve electronic evidence, and begin putting together our case, according to Art Forgey from ASO. Despite this, detectives have not been slowed down in the slightest.

In this case, no suspect has been named.


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