Is Waylon Kurts Transgender? Gender Family And Partner Revealed

Waylon Kurts

Waylon is a student enrolled in a private college in the southeastern region of Minnesota who has been charged with possession of hazardous items in his dorm room. Is Waylon Kurts Transgender? Find out.

The objects discovered in Kurt’s quarters were knives, a tactical vest, and an empty box used for ammunition.

The Rice County Attorney’s Office has further appealed that Waylon be prohibited from accessing any firearms, including those located in his residence in Vermont, once his mother posts bail.

This measure is deemed necessary as authorities suspect that Kurts might have been planning a violent incident with multiple casualties.

The student is also a member of the college’s track team and a Montpelier native. He is currently in his sophomore year at St. Olaf College.

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Is Waylon Kurts Transgender?

The netizens want to know about the latest topic which is Waylon Kurts Transgender. 

However, Waylon is not transgender, and he is a straight guy, but due to his appearance, people might judge him as transgender.

The officials and investigators also suspect him of causing a second-degree assault.

Waylon Kurts Transgender
Student from Vermont arrested in Minnesota for allegedly planning to attack school (Source: VTDigger)

Reportedly, the police took possession of Kurts’ netbooks, which allegedly contained notes about stealing ammunition from a retailer and information on police radio frequencies.

They also found a hand-drawn map of a recreational facility on campus, which included details of a travel route and an exit path.

According to Kurts’s lawyer, Paul Rogossheske, his client is a passionate hunter who engages in shooting activities frequently, and there were no firearms or ammunition discovered in his room.

The attorney emphasized that his client’s charges are based on a conspiracy and expressed his confidence in Kurts’ complete exoneration once the legal proceedings are concluded.

So it is clear that Waylon Kurts Transgender is just online rumors created by netizens.

Waylon Kurts family 

There is limited information available regarding Kurt’s family, but it is evident that his parents are concerned about his detention.

Following an interview with school authorities, Waylon was suspended from St. Olaf and subsequently departed from the Northeastern campus.

He was taken into custody the following day on suspicion of making violent threats, but the administration of St. Olaf gave assurance to families that the campus remained secure.

Waylon Kurts
Minnesota college student charged over a cache of ammo, and knives in a dorm (Source: New York Post)

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is lending support to the investigation.

Kurts’ relatives mentioned that all of his firearms were kept at their residence in Vermont.

The gun store and shooting range in Burnsville confirmed that he had visited their establishment on numerous occasions for shooting activities.

Waylon Kurt partner revealed

The student of St. Olaf College has not revealed his partner as of now, as a second-degree assault conspiracy investigation is being conducted on him.

As per Kathryn M. Burbank, the county attorney, Kurts is suspected of planning an attack on the Skoglund-Tostrud building on campus.

Mark Elliott, the Police Chief of Northfield, has stated that they are investigating Kurt’s intentions.

Waylon Kurts
St. Olaf student was allegedly planning a “mass casualty event” (Source: YouTube)

Burbank has raised concerns about the firearms discovered in Waylon’s residence in Vermont.

Furthermore, evidence obtained from Kurts’s dorm room indicates that he may not have acted alone in planning a potential mass casualty incident.

On Wednesday, St. Olaf officials became suspicious of Kurts after two empty high-capacity magazine packages were found in a trash bin by a custodian.

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