Is Serial Killer Robert Black Jewish? Family Religion And Parents Ethnicity

Robert Black Jewish

The infamous Scottish serial killer’s religious faith has been a topic of discussion. It has led to questions like “Is Serial Killer Robert Black Jewish?”

A Scottish serial killer and pedophile Robert Black was convicted of kidnapping, raping, and murdering 4 girls from 5 to 11 years of age in the United Kingdom between 1981 and 1986.

He was convicted in 1994 of three murders and sentenced to life in prison. In 2011, he was further convicted of a fourth murder from 1981.

The killer is suspected of being responsible for several other child murders in Britain, Ireland, and Europe between 1969 and 1987.

The search for Black was one of the most extensive murder investigations in the UK in the 20th century.

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Is Serial Killer Robert Black Jewish? Religion Revealed

Robert did not identify with any particular religion. He was born in Grangemouth, Scotland, in 1947 to an unwed mother, Jessie Hunter Black. His biological father remains unknown.

He was placed in foster care as an infant and adopted the surname of his foster parents, the Tulips. There is no evidence that he practiced Judaism or any other faith.

His religious background was never a point of discussion during the investigation and trials related to his crimes.

The murderer did not self-identify with any religion and appears to have been raised in a secular household by his foster parents.

The Tulips raised Black in the town of Kinlochleven until their deaths when he was 11 years old.

Throughout his childhood and adolescence, there are no indications that Black was raised in any particular religious tradition, which might have made people curious about his faith.

Robert Black Jewish
The alleged “Robert Black Jewish faith” has left the general public speculating about his true religious faith. (Source: BBC)

He does not appear to have been baptized or involved in any church.

Later in life, as he stood trial for his horrific crimes, however, his religious background never came up as a topic of discussion or proved that Robert Black had Jewish faith.

Drawing from the information accessible about his upbringing and his own personal classification, the well-known killer did not associate himself with any religious belief, including Judaism.

He seems to have been raised in a wholly secular environment by his foster parents and did not embrace any faith personally.

Robert Black Family: Meet His Parents

As mentioned, Robert Black was born illegitimately to Jessie Hunter Black in 1947, and his birth father’s identity remains unknown.

Jessie planned to put him up for adoption and move to Australia, but he was not adopted.

Instead, he was placed with a foster couple, the Tulips, at six months old. The Tulips raised Black in Kinlochleven until they died in 1958.

Robert Black Jewish
Robert Black was caught in 1990 when he tried to abduct a six-year-old girl in Stow, Scotland. (Source: The Sun)

He had no relationship with his birth mother, Jessie, and never knew his biological father.

Additionally, he had no contact with any extended biological family.

His only familial relationship was with his foster parents, the Tulips, who died when he was in his teenage years. From then on, he was raised in care homes and had no family.

Robert Black Ethnicity

Black was ethnically Scottish, descended from parents who were both native white Scottish citizens of the United Kingdom.

As mentioned previously, his mother, Jessie Hunter Black, was a white Scottish woman who gave birth out of wedlock in Grangemouth, Scotland.

The killer’s unknown biological father was most likely also a native Scot. His foster parents, the Tulips, were likewise ethnic Scots.

Robert Black Jewish
Robert Black and four of his victims (clockwise from top left: Susan Maxwell, Caroline Hogg, Jeniffer Cardy, and Sarah Harper) (Source: Daily Record)

Throughout his childhood in Kinlochleven and the subsequent care homes he was placed in, he lived exclusively among white Scottish communities in Scotland.

The murderer never expressed any multi-ethnic or multi-racial identity.

Based on his parentage and upbringing, Robert can be classified as a white Scottish man with no mixed ethnicity.

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