Helen Hunt Accident Video And Photos Gone Viral: Sues Limo Company

Helen Hunt accident

Helen Hunt Accident: On October 16, 2019, Helen Hunt experienced a car crash in Los Angeles. Helen Elizabeth Hunt is a talented and famous actress and filmmaker.

She has achieved significant recognition in her career, winning several prestigious awards, such as an Academy Award, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and four Golden Globe Awards.

Hunt’s breakthrough came in 1992 when she portrayed Jamie Buchman in the television sitcom “Mad About You.”

Her performance in the series earned her three Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress and four Primetime Emmy Awards for Lead Actress.

In addition to her acting career, Hunt ventured into directing and made her directorial debut with the film “Then She Found Me” in 2007.

She has also directed the movie “Ride” in 2014 and various episodes of television series, including “House of Lies,” “This Is Us,” “Feud: Bette and Joan,” “American Housewife,” and the opening episode of the “Mad About You” revival.

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Helen Hunt Accident Video And Photos Gone Viral

The video featuring Helen Hunt has gained immense popularity among fans. This is notable because Helen suffered a devastating accident in 2019, resulting in severe injuries.

Moreover, the video captures the dramatic moment when her SUV was violently impacted and rolled over.

Subsequently, Helen has taken legal action, filing a lawsuit against BLS, in which she alleges their negligence as the root cause of her physical, mental, and financial suffering.

Helen Hunt accident
                                  Helen Hunt is heading to the Season 2 premiere of @blindspottingstarz! (Source: Instagram)

In her legal complaint, Helen places responsibility on BLS for the severe injuries she sustained, the emotional trauma she endured, and the income she lost due to the 2019 accident.

On the other hand, BLS has chosen not to respond publicly to Hunt’s lawsuit, remaining silent in the face of her accusations that they were negligent and consequently responsible for her injuries and losses.

Furthermore, this legal dispute underscores the significant impact the accident had on Helen Hunt and the ongoing legal battle to determine accountability.

Helen Hunt Sues Limo Company

Helen has filed a lawsuit against the limo company operating the vehicle she was in during a significant October 2019 car crash.

Court documents show Hunt is suing BLS Limousine Service for personal injury and lost income damages from the accident.

On October 16, 2019, Hunt was in the back of an SUV that was T-boned in a Los Angeles intersection after trying to cross.

So Hunt is taking legal action over the limo crash that left her SUV overturned and injured in LA back in 2019.

Helen Hunt accident
                                                    Helen has tons of fan following on her social media (Source: Instagram)

She alleges the limo service provider is responsible for the harm and financial losses she endured due to the devastating accident.

Hunt seeks compensatory damages from BLS for personal injury, lost wages, hospitalisation, emotional distress, and other harm in the lawsuit. The complaint alleges BLS was negligent in its duties.

Specifically, Hunt accuses the limo company of negligence, resulting in physical or emotional injury, economic losses, pain, and distress.

BLS declined to comment when contacted about Hunt’s legal action holding them accountable.

Where is helen hunt now? 

Recently, Helen has dedicated much of her attention to her professional pursuits, suggesting she may be actively engaged in a fresh project.

In addition to her work commitments, she appears to prioritise quality time with her close family and friends.

Moreover, her Instagram updates reveal a keen interest in following sports events, indicating her enthusiasm for athletic competitions.

Overall, it is evident that the actress is thriving, and her career in the entertainment industry remains on a steady and successful course.

Her fan base and followers eagerly anticipate her future appearances in movies and television series.

Furthermore, they have high hopes and look forward to witnessing her on-screen performances in upcoming projects.

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