15 Reasons To Establish Genuine Connections

We are so busy in day-to-day life that somewhere, we have forgotten that we are human beings. But nowadays, people are looking for quality life balance rather than just basic needs.

But how are we going to make it? Do we really need to establish genuine connections? Let’s read below.

People don’t think it is necessary to build a genuine connection. They are somehow happy with what they do and with the people they are connected to.

Humans have been called social animals for a reason. We can’t thrive alone, we need to form a connection, and if you think you are better off without people, you are missing so much.

Friends at sunrise

Sometimes it takes a massive disaster to make us understand the value of being connected.

For example, when the COVID hit us, people realized we needed to help each other.

Sometimes a small earthquake does the work, but the impact is short.

However, if you are not convinced yet, let’s take a ride together through this article and understand why establishing genuine connections is important.

15 Reasons To Establish Genuine Connections

1. We are a social creature

It feels terrible that every time we need a reminder of who we are. We have studied this in our primary class, but many have not understood the concept.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to resist it, but you have to accept the fact in the end.

Building a genuine connection is inevitable for us humans. The sooner we realize, the better life we will lead.

Painting of people of different religion

It may seem like life is easy even without having anyone at your side, but once you start to have genuine connections, you will realize the difference.

2. It makes things easy

Try to do something alone, and then try to do the same with the help of others.

The second one felt easy, right? Yes, because the effort is distributed. Most of the task that we are surrounded with requires others’ help.

When we build a connection, we increase the number of helping hands. With a good number of people on your side, nothing will seem impossible.

Some people complain about how hard their lives are. And when you look at their circle, it won’t be much. Everyone who practices this will have an easy life.

3. Source of ideas

Who doesn’t like great ideas, right? But can we alone bring out the best ideas using limited time?

You may be in a business or any kind of job, but you will need ideas.

We may be capable of such things, but wouldn’t it be much easier if we had people to contribute? Best ideas come when people with the same intention think about them.

Regardless of where you are or what you do, you have to build a genuine connection.

Moreover, a genuine connection is needed not only to get great ideas but also to be criticized when wrong and suggestions to walk on the right path.

4. Introduces you to new opportunities

In this world, everyone is looking for great opportunities, but not everyone can get them.

One of the important factors of getting those opportunities is great and wide connections. There is no denying that knowing people well always pays off.

A poster of a man walking with a Briefcase

It is hard for people to get something solely based on their skills. But they can get it quickly if they have good contacts.

However, that doesn’t mean those who have skills get nothing; it is just, having a good connection is always better.

5. Everyone needs someone they can rely on

Being a human, we always seek someone we can rely on. There are loads of things we require in order to live well.

Emotionally balanced is one of them, which doesn’t get a lot of attention. Many spend their whole life alone, without being emotionally dependant on anyone, but everyone can’t be that practical.

to rely on someone, you must have a genuine connections
Friends in a park

Additionally, those who spent their lives alone missed the most beautiful feeling and fundamental of our existence.

Moreover, relying on someone emotionally is not weak; it is an expression of being who we are.

6. Helps us to be strong

Again one undeniable reason we should connect genuinely is it helps to become strong.

Let’s recall the stories of our ancestors, the group of people always got the best prays to feed upon and Kings, who had more allies, won the battle.

Similarly, countries with the maximum number of soldiers are likely to win the war is also an example of connections that makes us strong.

Do you see any pattern here? When we have a legitimate connection, we count their strength as ours, which makes us feel and be strong. With a great number comes the greatest strength.

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7. Opportunity to be helpful

We have been talking about how it benefits us, what it does for us, and how others become a source of strength for us. But now, we will look at how others can be benefited from us.

When we build a connection, it allows us to help those who are in need. Life is not only about taking but also about giving.

How may I help you sign?Some people won’t even share their most minor problem with you unless they have a genuine connection.

Moreover, people with good connections will be an open book to each other and seek assistance if needed.

8. To get to know amazing people around us

We see a lot of people around us, but we don’t know all of them. The world is full of great people, and probably few are living around you.

But the problem is we try to isolate ourselves from the rest of society, thinking they are not worthy of being a friend.

Interestingly, we can’t rule out the fact that they might be thinking the same about you.

To get to know amazing people, you must establish genuine connections with them
Girls taking a selfie

You will meet people who might make you think you would have missed knowing a fantastic human being if you hadn’t met them.

Moreover, to know amazing people, you must establish genuine connections with them.

9. To understand the life of others

Some of you might think you cannot understand your own life; how would you have time to understand others?

You wouldn’t be wrong, but how wonderful it would be if we could learn from others’ life and try to make ours better?

In a world where we have difficulty learning essential things, adding this to the list wouldn’t be an easy job.

But it sure will change the way you think about yourself and others.

Once you build a connection and get to know others well, you will thank yourself for doing this.

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10. To be wise

Do you know what makes a person wise? If you say ‘Experience,’ you are right, but if you said ‘Age,’ that’s wrong. Anyway, it is the experience of life we go through that makes us wise.

you need to establish genuine connections to be wise
One of the Wise man Kosovo

Building genuine connections opens a door of experience as you will have the chance to learn through the lives of many.

Moreover, this is another reason to establish genuine connections.

11. Helps in relieving anxiety and stress

Being a social animal, as we talked about earlier, it is our nature to seek a genuine connection to escape from our daily stress.

In our day-to-day lives, we come across so many things which don’t agree with our situation, which causes a lot of depression and anxiety.

The most known reason for anxiety and stress is alone for an extended period, scientifically proven.

When we are alone or have connections that are not genuine, we end up suppressing our feelings and emotions within ourselves, and that gives birth to even more significant problems.

12. To prevent the fear of helplessness

As we go on with our lives, we encounter many challenges that we had never experienced before.

We might not be strong enough to tackle all of them, and at that time, we need help from others.

Building a true relation allows you to have someone who can help when needed.

Girl sitting helplessly

There are tons of people who suffer the worst consequences just because they are helpless.

You can’t go to any random person and ask for their help. You won’t help if someone walks up to you if you don’t know them. So, build a genuine connection; you will need it.

13. To be taken care

Yet another important reason to establish genuine connections with the people is to be taken care of.

We all want to take care of our loved ones. But at the same time, we want to be taken care of by them. Without a beautiful connection, it is not going to happen.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter how many people are there in your circle; if your connection is not genuine, you won’t get what you wish for.

Like any other human behavior or nature of seeking comfort, this one is also inevitable.

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14. To make the world a better place

The world today is filled with those who care for no one but themselves. We see people around us being mean, rude, selfish, and many other things.

Although, that doesn’t mean there are not any good people. There are plenty of good people around us; you need to connect with them.

Interestingly, by building a genuine connection, you can turn a mean person into a caring one, which is fantastic.

15. To live well

To live well is one of the reasons to establish genuine connections. It is simply impossible to live a healthy and well-balanced life without having people in your life with whom you are genuinely connected to.

They not only cheer you up but keep your psychological meter at a balanced level.

Moreover, they will encourage you to make the right choices and decisions and helps you to be a better person.

Listed below are reasons to establish genuine connections:

S.N Titles
1 We are a social creature
2 It makes things easy
3 Source of ideas
4 Introduces you to new opportunities
5 Everyone needs someone they can rely on
6 It helps us to be strong
7 Opportunity to be helpful
8 To get to know amazing people around us
9 To understand the life of others
10 To be wise
11 It helps in relieving anxiety and stress
12 To prevent the fear of helplessness
13 To be taken care
14 To make the world a better place
15 To live well

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