Drummer: Teresa Taylor Obituary Death Cause And Family

Teresa Taylor Obituary and family

Drummer Teresa Taylor Obituary and death news is a trending topic online as her fans have been interested in learning about the late musical artist’s health issues before her demise. Taylor was known as an American punk band drummer. Let’s find out about her death cause. 

Late musical artist Teresa Taylor, 60, was born on 10 November 1962. She was a drummer. The legendary music personality became famous for being a member of the American punk band Bu****e Surfers.

Unfortunately, she passed away on 18 June 2023 but left a divine legacy behind.

Taylor became famous for being a former American punk band drummer. Her contribution to the music industry is mesmerizing, as she was active in the industry since the mid-1980s.

The late drummer was recognized for his stellar performances in the band releases. She has also starred as an Actress in several films, including Broken Path and Slacker. She joined the band and recorded the band’s first albums. 

Besides music, people knew her for her low-key life and noble causes.

Teresa Taylor’s untimely demise is something that the rock music industry was not prepared for. Her legacy and vacancy will be difficult to fulfil. 

The woman was considered one of the best drummer pioneers. People will always credit her for her contribution to popularizing rock music, locally and globally.

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Drummer: Teresa Taylor Obituary: Death Cause Revealed

Well-known drummer and former Texas’ Butthole Surfers member Teresa Taylor died at her residence on 18 June 2023.

The band released a statement after her passing, reading, “Teresa Taylor passed away peacefully this weekend after a long battle with lung disease. She will live in our hearts forever. RIP, dear friend.”

Teresa Taylor Obituary
Former lady drummer Teresa Taylor died at 60. (Source: Rolling Stone)

In a statement released by her former bandmate and partner, Cheryl Curtice further added:

She passed away clean and sober, peacefully in her sleep. She was so brave, even in the face of her horrible disease. We were all fortunate to have her beautiful, strong spirit. She will be forever missed… I love you, beloved Teresa.”

In November 2021, Taylor announced she was diagnosed with end-stage lung disease. 

The late woman’s friends and fans wrote gone too soon. Her family asked for privacy at this difficult time. In due course, a memorial service’s arrangements for her demise will be announced.

Teresa Taylor was an active member of the Surfers in the 1980s. She joined the band in 1983 as a female drummer and left in 1989. 

Reportedly, she passed away at her residence on 18 June 2023.

The late drummer’s death news concerns her followers; several trustee sources, including People, have covered her health condition before her death.

It is difficult to assume Taylor’s life as she mostly enjoyed a low-key life.

According to sources, Taylor was a known drummer and Actress in the 1980s. In recent years, the woman stayed away from the unwanted spotlight.

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Teresa Taylor Family

Late lady drummer Teresa Taylor was known for her talent. She kept her family life under wraps in recent years. The drummer became recognized for her musical talent.

Teresa Taylor Family
Teresa Taylor was a known lady drummer. (Source: Yahoo)

She was born on 10 November 1962 in Arlington, Texas, U.S. Her close ones tributed to her legacy by posting condolences on their social media.

Also, she rarely discussed her personal life, so discussing her family would not seem appropriate. 

During her time with the band, Taylor and Coffey repeatedly referred to themselves as siblings. 

However, in the 2001 book on the American punk movement, Our Band Could Be Your Life, author Michael Azerrad asserts that the two only presented themselves as brother and sister due to their similar appearances and were not truly related.

Likewise, the famous drummer rarely used the benefits of social media to promote her career. 

Moreover, Taylor’s family has maintained a distance from the media and has not revealed her death cause. Taylor’s family seeks privacy at this difficult moment. Let’s all mourn the drummer’s loss and stay that way. 

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