Dinesh Karthik Divorce Nikita: Found She Cheated Him With Murali Vijay

Dinesh Karthik Divorce

Who is Dinesh Karthik’s wife? The secrecy surrounding Dinesh Karthik divorce has left many wondering, leaving them curious to unveil his married life and drama. 

Dinesh’s first wife, Nikita Vanjara, sadly betrayed him with another cricketer, Murali Vijay. 

Krishnakumar Dinesh Karthik, shortly after Dinesh Karthik, was born on 1 June 1985. Likewise, DK hails from Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. 

Karthik is a famous Indian professional cricketer and commentator. Besides, he plays for the Indian Cricket Team. Also, he plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League.

The famous Indian cricketer also secured the captaincy role of the Tamil Nadu cricket team in domestic cricket. In 2004, Dinesh made his debut for the national cricket team.

Moreover, Karthik became the 4th Indian batsman to play 300 T20 matches. Also, the cricketer served as a squad member, winning the inaugural 2007 T20 World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013.

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Dinesh Karthik Divorce

Love and hate stories are one of the most selling ideas when it comes to the entertainment scene. Also, as a love triangle is associated, things get more captivating for the audience.

Famous Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik and his wife, Nikita Vanjara, had a divorce in 2012. Likewise, Vanjara was pregnant with a boy.

After their divorce, Nikita tied the knot with her boyfriend, Murali Vijay.

Moreover, Dinesh and Vanjara have kept silent, acting maturely. Rather than mudslinging on one another, the former pair moved on.

Dinesh Karthik Divorce and wife
Dinesh Karthik Divorce: The Indian cricketer parted ways with his first wife, Nikita Vanjara, after discovering her extramarital affair. (Source: DNA India)

Dinesh Karthik faced the most significant love triangle and the most brutal betrayal. Also, the athlete had lost his first wife, Nikita Vanjara, to fellow cricketer Murali Vijay.

Dinesh and Nikita were childhood friends as their parents knew each other and were good friends.

Sadly, Nikita lost interest in Dinesh as she began an extramarital affair with his friend and teammate, Murali Vijay.

Soon after learning about his wife’s affair with Murali, Dinesh decided to part ways with her. They divorced in 2012 while Nikita was pregnant with a boy. 

Dinesh Karthik’s Married Life

Reportedly, Dinesh and Nikita were childhood friends turned into life companions. However, after five years of marital bliss, their wedding had hit a roadblock.

Dinesh and Nikita grew up together and got fond of each other. Eventually, the two decided to turn their friendship into a relationship.

Moreover, the cricketer and his childhood love, Nikita, were too eager to get married in 2007.

Likewise, Dinesh was 21 when he tied the knot with Vanjara, beginning their married life.

However, Dinesh gave life a second chance and tied the knot with Dipika Pallikal.

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Dinesh Karthik Controversy: Found Her Cheating With Murali Vijay

Unfortunately, cricketer Dinesh Karthik faced brutal betrayal from his first wife, Nikita Vanjara, and fellow companion, Murali Vijay.

While a love triangle brings the most gossip, it also destroys individuals’ lives involved in it, stirring controversies.

A similar thing occurred with Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik, as his teammate and friend, Murali Vijay, fell in love with his wife, Nikita Vanjara, sabotaging their married life.

Dinesh Karthik divorce Controversy
Dinesh Karthik divorce controversy: Murali Vijay apologized to the Wicketkeeper after announcing his retirement from all international cricket format. (Source: YouTube)

Wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik and his team squad, Murali Vijay, were good buddies before the formers’ wife’s affair. However, the latter had destroyed it all for them.

During Season 5 of the Indian Premier League, Dinesh and Murali served as teammates in the cricket team for Tamil Nadu in 2012.

Moreover, Dinesh found out about his wife, Nikita’s affair with Murali during the crucial Vijay Hazare trophy match against Karnataka. 

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