Daniel Carlson Brother: Nils Carlson And Anders Carlson Age Gap

Daniel Carlson Brother

Daniel Carlson Brother, Nils Carlson And Anders Carlson, share a close bond with him. Let’s learn about their age gap and parents.

Daniel Carlson has established himself as a prominent figure in American football, serving as a placekicker for the Las Vegas Raiders in the National Football League (NFL).

Hailing from a standout college football career at Auburn, he became the SEC’s all-time leading scorer.

His prowess on the field led to his selection by the Minnesota Vikings in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

While his rookie season saw him released by the Vikings, Carlson’s resilience and skill set paved the way for a significant turn of events.

Joining the Las Vegas Raiders, he swiftly demonstrated his impact by leading the league in scoring not once but twice.

This accomplishment underscored his reliability and accuracy in converting field goals and extra points.

Daniel Carlson’s journey in the NFL also highlights his continuous improvement.

Daniel Carlson Brother: Nils Carlson And Anders Carlson

Daniel Carlson, the accomplished placekicker for the Las Vegas Raiders, shares an intriguing family connection with his brothers, Nils and Anders Carlson.

Nils holds the position of Daniel’s older brother, while Anders assumes the role of his younger sibling.

Daniel Carlson Brother
Daniel Carlson with his parents and two brothers. (source: Players bio)

Notably, the Carlson trio’s bond extends to their shared profession as placekickers, showcasing a legacy of excellence.

Anders Carlson, following the path laid by his older brother Daniel, made his mark on the football field while playing college football at Auburn.

His journey culminated in becoming the starting kicker for the Auburn Tigers, where he showcased his prowess.

In a significant turn of events, 2023 saw Anders being selected by the Green Bay Packers in the sixth round of the NFL draft, officially joining the ranks of professional kickers alongside his brother Daniel.

Remarkably, the Carlson brothers have a deep-rooted history in the football world, having all honed their skills at The Classical Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Daniel Carlson Age Gap

Born on January 23, 1995, Daniel Carlson has reached the age of 28 as of August 27, 2023.

He shares a unique connection within his family with his two brothers, Nils and Anders Carlson, who are placekickers. The Carlson brothers collectively contribute to a legacy of football excellence.

The age dynamics among the Carlson siblings hold a certain intrigue. Nils Carlson, the eldest among them, remains older than Daniel, although specific birth details are elusive.

Likewise, Anders Carlson, the youngest brother, was born after Daniel, although his birthdate remains undisclosed.

While the precise age gaps are not explicitly defined, it is clear that Daniel Carlson occupies the middle position among his brothers.

This familial trio of placekickers embodies a shared passion for football, each contributing their talents and dedication to the sport.

Daniel Carlson parents

Daniel Carlson’s family background is rooted in a strong sports legacy, with his parents Jodie and Hans Carlson playing pivotal roles in shaping their sons’ athletic pursuits.

Daniel’s father, Hans Carlson grew up in Sweden with a passion for tennis and soccer.

Daniel Carlson Brother
Before his Auburn success, Daniel Carlson often attended Alabama games alongside his family. (source: espn)

His athletic journey led him to the University of Alabama, where he was recruited to play tennis, and it was there that he crossed paths with Jodie.

Jodie Carlson, Daniel’s mother, contributed to the sports landscape as well, working in the Alabama recruiting department during the tenure of legendary football coach Bear Bryant.

The sports-oriented environment likely influenced the Carlson brothers’ affinity for athletics.

Interestingly, despite their parents’ connection to the University of Alabama, both Daniel and Anders Carlson chose to forge their own paths, opting to play football at Auburn University, a rival of their parents’ alma mater.

Over the past eight years, the Carlson brothers have left their mark on the Auburn football program, underscoring their dedication to the sport.

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