Cosmo Pyke Allegations, Accused Of Rape – Case Update Age And Real Name

Cosmo Pyke Allegations

The music industry was recently rocked by the news of Cosmo Pyke allegations of rape. The British singer-songwriter was accused of sexual assault by a young woman, which sparked a wave of outrage and called for justice on social media.

Cosmo Pyke is a young and talented singer-songwriter from Peckham, London, who rose to fame with his debut EP Just Cosmo in 2017.

His music blends jazz, soul, indie and hip-hop influences, creating a unique and refreshing sound. He has also appeared in Frank Ocean’s video for Nike and modeled for various fashion brands.

Cosmo Pyke allegations of rape surfaced in 2020, and since then, the case has been under investigation.

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Cosmo Pyke Allegations, Accused Of Rape – Case Update

In 2020, Pyke faced serious accusations of rape and sexual assault from multiple women on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Some of the accusers also claimed that Pyke had spiked their drinks, infected them with HIV and manipulated them emotionally.

Cosmo Pyke
Cosmo Pyke at an interview with Dazed. (Source: Dazed)

The accusation sparked outrage and backlash from fans and fellow musicians, who demanded that Pyke address the accusations and take accountability for his actions.

Pyke initially remained silent on the matter, deleting his social media accounts and disappearing from the public eye.

His label 70Hz Recordings, also cut ties with him and removed his music from streaming platforms. Many people assumed that Pyke was guilty and that his career was over.

However, in September 2020, Pyke resurfaced on his Instagram story, denying all the allegations and claiming they were “false” and “malicious.”

Pyke revealed that his lawyers had advised him not to speak out until the investigation ended but that he needed to clear his name and defend himself.

Pyke’s video was met with mixed reactions from his followers. Some of his fans expressed their support and relief, while others remained skeptical and doubtful.

Some of the accusers also responded to Pyke’s video and maintained their stories, accusing him of lying and gaslighting them. As of March 2023, no official verdict has been reached yet.

Despite the allegations, Pyke continues to make music and be popular among his fans worldwide.

Cosmo Pyke Age- How old is he?

Cosmo was born in Peckham, Southeast London, in 1999 and is 24 as of 2023. He released his debut EP Just Cosmo in 2017, when he was only 18 years old, and followed it up with A Piper For Janet in 2021.

After leaving his previous label 70Hz Recordings, Pyke started his own label, Pykrete Records, and has performed in various countries worldwide.

Pyke attended The Brit School for Performing Arts, where he studied music alongside other famous alumni such as Adele, Loyle Carner and more. 

Cosmo started playing guitar at a young age and was influenced by artists like Joni Mitchell, Mac DeMarco and Tyler the Creator.

He also became interested in art and painting, often incorporating his artwork into his music videos and album covers.

Cosmo Pyke Real name revealed

This may come as a shock to many of his fans. However, Cosmo Pyke is not his stage name but his real name.

That’s right, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist were born with the name Cosmo Pyke, which he inherited from his father, who is also a musician.

Cosmo Pyke Allegations
Cosmo Pyke at the Brodie sessions. (Source: Instagram)

He released his second EP, A Piper For Janet, in 2020. The EP was dedicated to his late grandmother Janet and inspired by artist John Piper.

In 2023, he released his third EP Curser’s Lament, which explored love, loss, and loneliness themes.

Despite all of the allegations Cosmo faced, he is still making music and continuing to move forward with his life.

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