Constance Marten Children, Did She Have Kids With Boyfriend Mark Gordan? Case Details

Constance Marten

Constance Marten’s baby is still missing, prompting an urgent search by local police officers. The baby’s disappearance has piqued the public’s interest because it is a newborn who has not received medical care since birth.

Constance Marten was born in 1987 and raised in an upper-class family with royal connections at Crichel House in Dorset. Her father, Napier Marten, served as a page to Queen Elizabeth, and her grandmother supposedly played with Princess Margaret.

According to the Mirror, the mother of the missing child attended a ladies’ boarding school in Wiltshire and then graduated from Leeds University with a 2:1 in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies.

Moreover, Constance made an appearance on Tatler’s “Babe of the Month” page while a student there to talk about her future ambitions, including her desire to have a tortoise tattoo on her foot.

However, the woman from the wealthy family background fell in love with the rapist in 2016 during her high school years. From the reports, after being in a romantic relationship with the criminal, she created distance among her relatives, families, and friends and isolated herself.

Recently, the lovers were reported missing with the newborn by the women’s father, Napier Marten, who is worried about his daughter and grandchild and wants them to surrender along with Mark.

Who Are Constance Marten Children?

The 36-year-old female ran away with her boyfriend while she was pregnant in January 2023. According to the guardian, the vehicle from which the couple escaped after catching fire on the M61 close to Farnworth, Bolton, on January 5

However, Marten and her partner Mark were found on February 27, 2023, in Brighton. But the child that was born just two or three days before the car incident that they had was not with them. The girl’s father is worried about his granddaughter, and the police officers from the local station have gone for an emergency search of the baby.

Constance Marten children
The sex offender and his lover caught on CCTV camera. (Source: Birmingham Live)

According to the Daily Mail, the child of the couple, who is believed to have had no medical attention since being born in early January, is causing concern among the Metropolitan Police, according to their statement.

Moreover, according to the reports, Shereen Nimmo, the director of midwifery at Barts Health NHS Trust, advised the couple to bring the infant in for examinations.

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Did Constance Marten Have Kids With Boyfriend Mark Gordan?

Yes, the woman from the wealthy family did have a child with her long-term boyfriend, Mark Gordon, who has a criminal record and was previously imprisoned in Florida in the late 1980s after assaulting and raping a woman when he was just 14 years old. In 2010, he was deported back to the UK after finishing a 20-year term.

Constance Marten
The daughter of a wealthy family and her criminal boyfriend. (Source: BBC News)

The couple has been together since 2016, when she was studding for drama. As per the sources, the couple isolated themselves from the social circle. The missing child’s mother was pregnant with the infant and was on her delivery date during her run with her partner.

However, Marten’s father has said he has known for some time about Gordon’s criminal record and wanted them to surrender during their run. He has been a caring father and wants his grandchildren and his daughter to be safe.

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Constance Marten – Case Details

After being missing for a month and not receiving medical care after pregnancy, the lovers have been found without the infant and are arrested by the local police.

Constance Marten
The mother of the missing infant. (Source: Mirror)

However, the couple has not yet revealed what happened to the baby or where it is. The legal officers are conducting an emergency search for the child in the hope that he or she is safe and that the fact that the child is surviving at the moment won’t cause any medical or health issues for him or her.

Moreover, the locals are also informed about the situation so that the search operation is much quicker. Even the taxi divers who helped the parents of the infant during the runaway have been called for investigation so that the location of the child can be tracked down.

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