Chase Landry Wikipedia Age Career And Net Worth

Chase Landry Wikipedia and age

A few people have searched Chase Landry Wikipedia and net worth as he is a known reality television star. Chase Landry is a professional alligator hunter and reality TV star who gained fame through the History Channel show Swamp People.

Landry comes from a family background having a long history of alligator hunting and other outdoor activities.

Landry debuted on the reality TV show “Swamp People” in 2012. He participated in the third season of the reality series.

The hunting expert quickly gained popularity among viewers due to his gator-hunting skills and vibrant personality.

Regarding his dating life, Landry was spotlighted for dating another cast member from “Swamp People,” Cheyenne Wheat, also known as Pickle Wheat.

Reportedly, Chase is now single and unmarried, while Pickle Wheat has moved on with her new boyfriend, Joshua Kippes.

Learn in-depth about Chase Landry Wikipedia page and career via the article below.

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Chase Landry Wikipedia And Age

People are curious to learn more about reality TV star Chase Landry Wikipedia and age.

However, Chase Landry Wikipedia page is currently unavailable online. Rest assured, the essential credentials regarding his life and achievements can be found in this article.

Swamp People star Chase Landry is a skilled cast. He is an experienced hunting expert specializing as a crocodile hunter. 

As mentioned by the sources, he has experience surviving in the swamp environment. Similarly, his family background excelled his career.

Experienced hunter Landry is passionate about survival instincts, such as hunting. The History Channel hit reality series covering the genre uses the television personality’s talents. 

It is always comforting to see people do good in what they love doing the most.

Similarly, Landry chose the career path she was passionate about. he now serves as a History Channel’s series Swamp People cast. 

Chase Landry age
Chase Landry went hunting for their arch-nemesis, Snaggle Tooth, in 2018. (Source: YouTube)

Most readers might be unaware of the History Channel’s series Swamp People.

Describing in brief, the hit reality television program broadcasts swamplands travel to various regions and alligator-hunting.

Landry’s love for work led to his hunting career. Sources reveal he was born on 25 April 1989. He is 34 years old as of 2024.

The skillful man in his early 30s has invested much in the History channel show, marking excellent achievements

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Chase Landry Career And Net Worth

Regarding his career, Landry and his family have a legendary line of alligator hunters and anglers who have been operating in the swamps of Louisiana for five generations.

Chase’s father, Troy Landry, is famous as the “King of the Swamp” and is one of the most renowned alligator hunters in the area.

From a young age, Chase accompanied his father and older brother, Jacob Landry, on hunting expeditions, learning the skills and techniques necessary for survival in the swamp.

Landry is particularly active during the 30-day gator hunting and trapping season, where he showcases his expertise and gain numerous hunting awards.

Chase Landry’s involvement in the family business goes beyond hunting alligators. He has been involved in shrimp fishing, lumberjacking, moss peddling, and other outdoor activities.

Chase Landry Career And Net Worth
Chase Landry with Jacob in the latest episode of Swamp People. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, Chase operates the family seafood business and captains his ship across the Atchafalaya River Basin.

However, Landry has kept his fortune details under wraps. Landry’s net worth is a mystery as of this writing.

His presence on “Swamp People”  showcased his hunting skills, adventurous spirit, and unique family dynamics.

Similarly, Landry’s dedication to the craft and commitment to passing down their knowledge from generation to generation has solidified his family’s status as one of the most reputable and celebrated families in alligator hunting.

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