Carol Kirkwood Botox Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Carol Kirkwood botox

Amid the dazzling allure of the journalist world, hushed discussions about Carol Kirkwood Botox transformation ignited discussions regarding her continuously changing looks.

Carol Kirkwood is a well-known weather presenter and author who has been a regular on BBC Breakfast since 1998.

She has also presented weather forecasts on various BBC programs and published romance novels.

Carol Kirkwood has been open about her struggles with depression and has not disclosed any information about her religious beliefs or affiliations.

She has recently been in the news for an odd detail in her weather forecast, being absent from BBC Breakfast, and making a gaffe on live TV.

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Carol Kirkwood Botox

Talking about Carol Kirkwood Botox, according to Daily Express, she denied the rumors speculating regarding her body transformation. 

Let’s take a look into her early life.

On May 29, 1962, Carol MacKellaig was born in Morar, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

She was one of eight kids raised by hotel owners in Morar.

After graduating from Lochaber High School in Fort William, Carol Kirkwood obtained a BA in commerce from Edinburgh’s Napier College of Commerce and Technology (now Edinburgh Napier University).

Carol Kirkwood botox
Carol Kirkwood has denied the rumors regarding her Botox transformation. (Image Source: Hello Magazine)

In 1998, she started her career as a weather presenter on BBC Breakfast, and since then, she has grown to be a well-known figure on British television.

The TRIC award for best TV weather presenter was given to Carol Kirkwood in 2003, 2008, 2009, and 2012–2017, among other years.

She also took part in the 13th season of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One, placing 10th. 

Carol Kirkwood Plastic Surgery

Fans have speculated that Carol Kirkwood has undergone plastic surgery.

However, the television weathercaster has not addressed or spoken regarding the rumors speculating about her undergoing surgeries.

Let’s talk about her married life. Carol Kirkwood was married to Jimmy Kirkwood.

Jimmy is best known as a cricket player from Northern Ireland.

However, they separated in 2008. The couple had been married for 25 years before getting divorced.

Carol Kirkwood botox
Carol Kirkwood with her fiance, Steve Randall. (Image Source: Hello Magazine)

He was born on February 12, 1962, in Lisburn. As well as cricket, Jimmy played hockey, representing Ireland and Great Britain.

According to Mirror, after getting divorced from Jimmy, Carol is now in a relationship with the police officer Steve Randall.

The weather presenter divorced her 18-year spouse, Jimmy Kirkwood, in 2008, while Carol’s fiancé, Nichola Randall, and the mother of their adolescent boy, separated in 2017.

Carol Kirkwood Before And After

As mentioned above, Carol Kirkwood has denied the facts regarding her body transformation. 

However, the fans speculated that she underwent botox surgery. It might be due to the angle of the photos taken.

Let’s take a look at her net worth and career.

Carol Kirkwood’s net worth is estimated to be around £3.7 million to 5 million as of 2023.

Her net worth is primarily attributed to her weather presenter and author career.

Carol Kirkwood is estimated to earn a salary of around £150,000 to $400,000 per year.

She has accumulated her net worth through her versatility and dedication to her work at the BBC.

Moreover, she may also have a secondary income source, including investments, special appearances and endorsements.

Carol Kirkwood began her career as a weather presenter 1998 on BBC Breakfast and has since become a well-known television personality in the UK.

She has also presented weather forecasts on various other BBC programs, including BBC News, BBC Radio 2, and BBC Radio 4.

In addition to her work as a weather presenter, Carol Kirkwood is also an author and has published several romance novels.

She has lately made headlines for a peculiar detail in her weather prediction, skipping BBC Breakfast and making an error on live television.

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