Is Bryce Young Christian? Religion Ethnicity And Family Background

Bryce Young

Bryce Young religious beliefs have been questioned on numerous occasions, but he has been quite outspoken about it and has stated that he is a devout Christian. Keep reading to learn more about Bryce Young Christian faith, ethnicity, and family.

Rising football star Bryce Young is now the quarterback for the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama. He has already established himself in the world of college football thanks to his outstanding on-field abilities.

Young is widely considered one of the most talented young quarterbacks, who has  set records and was a great high school quarterback prospect, receiving numerous honors.

The athlete demonstrated his talent and potential during his first year at the University of Alabama, getting playing time and wowing spectators and coaches with his speed, agility, and rapid decision-making abilities. He took over as the team’s starting quarterback in his second season and guided them to a national title win.

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Is Bryce Young Christian? Religion And Ethnicity

The quarterback player is a Christian by birth, as his family followed Christianity. He has also mentioned his faith on several occasions.

Young is a Christian athlete who strives to improve himself and reflect Christ in everything he does. He holds that he is driven to emulate the Lord no matter what people may say about him, including whatever praise or awards they may bestow. This inspires him and encourages him to pursue perfection.

He has made faith a part of his public identity since signing with Alabama, with his bios on his Instagram and Twitter accounts reading “follower of Christ.”

The athlete thanked his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, at the start of his Heisman Trophy acceptance speech. Additionally, he claimed that during the speech, he spoke from the heart, as his parents, Craig and Julie Young, had taught him to do. Craig and Julie Young, his parents, instilled their faith in him.

He stated, “It definitely goes to my roots. I’ve been based in faith. I’m blessed to have the family that … introduced me,” he said. “… Throughout my life, my relationship has grown with the Lord and my faith has improved.”

Bryce Young Christian
What is S2 in the NFL? Explaining Bryce Young, other QB scores for 2023 draft cognition test (Source: The Sporting News)

That relationship includes a pregame prayer with his parents. During high school, that pregame ritual often took place on the sidelines. In college, it often involves a phone call, sometimes on the Friday night before a game.

When the footballer prays with his parents, it helps him relax because his emotions run high and he tries to lock in during the matches. He needs to reflect, be grounded, and get together with his parents to do just that. This will help him get back into the right frame of mind.

Bryce Young Ethnicity

Speaking about his ethnicity, Bryce is of African American descent, and his multiethnic background has had a big impact on his life and career. His father is African American, while his mother is Filipino, and Young has been outspoken about how his heritage has shaped his identity and worldview.

Bryce Young ethnicity
Bryce Young ethnicity is mixed. (Source: FS)

The sportsman has stressed the value of his multicultural background in interviews, saying that it has aided in his ability to relate to a variety of individuals and cultures. Additionally, he has stated a desire to use his platform as a football player to advance diversity and inclusion both within and outside of the sports industry.

Bryce Young Family Background

Bryce was born to Craig and Julie Young on July 5, 2001, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The father of the Crimson Tide quarterback was an avid supporter of basketball and the Los Angeles Lakers, and the family was very into sports.

Craig Young, the player’s father, is a licensed therapist with more than 25 years of experience working in the mental health field. Craig holds an M.A. in marital and family counseling from Pacific Oaks College and a B.A. in sociology from UCLA. He has been a Young Consulting Group public speaker since 2011, according to his LinkedIn profile.

According to The L.A. Times, Young’s father used his instincts, which he developed via his unsuccessful football career, to train his son from a young age and play a significant role in his career. Craig is not your typical quarterback parent; he moves with grace and is rather calculating.

Bryce Young parents
Bryce Young’s Parents ‘Don’t Step on any Toes’ – Facts about Them (Source: AmoMama)

While Julie, his mother, is a Pasadena, California, native whose occupation remains a mystery, she adores her family and is a strong supporter of her son’s career. The three-person family is usually spotted together at award ceremonies, and Julie and Craig cheered for their son the entire match from the audience row.

She is thrilled by the idea that Bryce might be selected in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

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