Brett Blanton Salary And Net Worth – Why Was He Fired And Who Appointed Him?

The internet users have been curious about Brett Blanton Salary. As for his latest whereabouts, a White House official stated that Brett Blanton allegedly misused government property and resources. He was also not present on the Capitol grounds in the January 6 insurrection.

As for Brett Blanton’s news of getting fired, according to an inspector general report published in October, Blanton and his family used the vehicles belonging to the Architect of the Capitol that was meant for home-to-work use as personal vehicles, incurring unwanted and uncalled-for expenses totaling about $14,000.

A report concerning Blanton’s daughter driving a reckless the government owned car at a Walmart in Tyson’s Corner served as the impetus for the investigation. Blanton disguised himself as a Police officer, and his wife conducted unlawful tours of the U.S. Capitol.

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What Is Brett Blanton Salary And Net Worth?

According to the source, explore net worth, Brett Blanton’s salary details still need to be revealed in the media. We shall learn more about it once he decides to share it himself.

As for his net worth, the same source reveals that Brett Blanton has a net worth ranging up to $2.4 million. This data was only recently published in the year 2023.

Brett Blanton Salary
According to the official, Blanton was “terminated” by Biden after calls from both political parties, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy earlier on Monday. (Source: The Business Insider)

He earned this sum with his profession as in Architect of the Capitol. As he is still active in his field, we shall learn more about him once he reveals himself in the media.

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Why Was Brett Blanton Fired and Who Appointed Him?

According to the news source called The Hill, there was a massive outrage over an inspector general report that found Brett Blanton misusing a government vehicle and allegedly impersonating a law enforcement officer, among other ethics issues, increased after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy demanded that Blanton resign or be fired by President Biden.

Brett Blanton Salary
President Biden dismisses the Capitol’s architect following demands for his resignation. (Source: CNN)

The investigation revealed that Blanton had been mistakenly recognized as an off-duty Police officer when he pursued down a hit-and-run outside his House. Blanton said that Fairfax County Police made a mistake after he listed himself as a “Capitol Police Board Member.” Still, he insisted that he had not misrepresented himself as a member of the law enforcement community.

In a tweet made by McCarthy, he stated how the Architect of the Capitol, Brett Blanton, does not have McCarthy’s confidence to be worthy of his job. He further suggested either President Biden remove him or Blanton himself leave his position. 

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Brett Blanton Wikipedia Explored

As for Brett Blanton’s Wikipedia, Blanton spent 22 years as a civil engineer in the Navy. Later, he also worked for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which runs the Reagan National and Dulles International Airports, as the deputy vice president for engineering.

Fast forward, he was put forward for a ten-year tenure as the Architect of the Capitol, President Donald Trump. After the Senate approved his candidacy on December 19, 2019, and on January 16, 2020, he took his oath of office.

According to the Architect of the Capitol, the United States Capitol Complex must be maintained, run, developed, and preserved.

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