Bernice Burgos No Makeup Photo, Plastic Surgery Botox And Nose Job

Bernice Burgos No Makeup

Bernice Burgos no makeup makeup looks enhances her beauty. Has the curvaceous model undergone plastic surgery to improve her body features?

Bernice Burgos is a well-known businesswoman, model, and social media celebrity from the United States.

She is widely recognized for posting images on Instagram and modeling in various music videos.

Likewise, Bernice is frequently seen on social media, promoting leading brands like Fashion Nova and Icon Swim. She has also appeared in magazines such as Show and XXL.

In addition to her impressive career achievements, Bernice is admired for her youthful appearance and beautiful figure.

She looks no older than 25 at 43, which has frequently led her to difficulties with purchasing plastic surgery.

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Bernice Burgos No Makeup Photo

You can find a collection of Bernice Burgos’s no-makeup makeup looks on her various social media profiles. She prefers to have light, natural makeup on.

Many wonder about her skincare secrets, believing that her commitment to a heavy makeup-free look is the key to her youthful appearance.

Bernice’s ability to maintain flawless and healthy skin in her 40s while juggling being a mother of two has become a frequent subject of discussion.

Bernice Burgos No Makeup
Bernice Burgos doesn’t prefer heavy makeup. (Image source: Facebook)

Being a public sensation, Bernice understands that appearance matters and is unapologetically excellent with cosmetic enhancements.

When speaking with the Breakfast Club’s co-host, she was pretty calm about enhancement, saying anyone who wants to and has the money to do so can get one.

Furthermore, she exaggerated the hatred each famous figure receives after undergoing surgery and urged all haters to have surgery rather than criticizing anyone who already had it.

She also stated that people will eventually love you if you are willing to work hard.

Bernice Burgos Plastic Surgery Botox And Nose Job

Celebrities being accused of cosmetic surgery is nothing new. Likewise, Bernice is in the same situation. The Instagram model was repeatedly accused, and then mocked, of using cosmetic modifications.

Regarding the truth of Bugos’ cosmetic surgery, she has publicly admitted to having one. She openly revealed having had many plastic operations in an interview with the Breakfast Club.

Bernice Burgos No Makeup
Bernice Burgos underwent surgeries to enhance her look. (Image source: Facebook)

In 2017, she appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss the enhancement. She mentioned that she wants to appear her best at her age and has improved a little in everything.

According to her, she got her first buttock surgery after the birth of her second child. She had two dents on her buttocks that she wanted to fill.

Bernice Burgos Before and After Surgery

Bernice Burgos is undeniably blessed with extraordinary physical traits and a good appearance. But she wasn’t always the way she is now.

Without a doubt, her workout routine has significantly impacted her physically, but what has transformed her the most are the plastic operations she has undergone.

Bernice Burgos No Makeup
Bernice Burgos’s photo when she was young. (Image source:

As we previously stated, she has had numerous parts of her body modified. Burgos began with a butt shot and has since had her boob and a few facial features changed.

When we compare her photo from 18, we can observe how much her physical appearance has changed.

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