Amara La Negra Mother Ana Maria Oleaga And Father Eramos De Los Santos Family Ethnicity

Amara La Negra Mother

Do you know? Amara La Negra mother, Ana Maria Oleaga’s ethnicity is Afro-Latina. Love & Hip Hop: Miami star credits her mom for her rich skin tone and unique appearance.

Amara La Negra is an accomplished singer, actor, dancer, author, and television personality.

She is best recognized for her appearance on the VH1 reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.”

Interstingly, she was labeled the show’s “breakout star” by Billboard, and she signed a multi-album record contract with BMG just hours after the episode premiered.

Amara has always wanted to work in the music industry; she has been singing since she was four years old and was a female group member during her younger years.

Furthermore, over 2 million people follow her on Instagram, sharing aspects of her life that we don’t see on “Love and Hip Hop.”

Moreover, Amara is popular for her appealing appearance; she confidently embraces her Afro-beauty, celebrating her roots with pride.

Her fans are eager to uncover her family background, especially her parents.

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Meet Amara La Negra Mother Ana Maria Oleaga And Father Eramos De Los Santos

Amara La Negra’s ethnic background is Afro-Latina.

According to her, she has African roots, but her identity and heritage are Latina – specifically, she proudly identifies as Dominican.

She has embraced her Afro-Latina ancestry with pride and used her platform to raise awareness of the Afro-Latinx community.

Similarly, Amara also appeared on Jesse Lee Peterson’s program, The Fallen State, to discuss the value of her Afro-Latina pride.

She was reared by her Dominican Republic-born single mother, Ana Maria. She was born in 1960, making her 62 years old at the moment.

Amara La Negra mother, Ana, an Afro-Latina from the Dominican Republic, immigrated to the United States.

Amara La Negra Mother
Amara La Negra’s upbringing was under Anas’s supervision. (Image source: Facebook)

Amara’s upbringing was under Ana’s supervision because she was a single mother.

She was forced to apply for several jobs and work aimlessly to save money that would allow her to care for and provide for her kid to the best of her ability and satisfy her many needs.

Amara La Negra Family Ethnicity

Furthermore, Amara credits her mother with teaching her how to live with being an Afro-Latina, as they were a minority group suffering racism.

While talking about Amara’s father, Eramos de Los Santos, little information about him is known.

What Is Amara La Negra Parents Profession?

Amara La Negra’s mother, Ana is a powerful, self-reliant lady, She caught people’s attention when she accepted a supporting role in the wildly popular “In a Love & Hip Hop: Miami Star.”

She did, however, only appear for a brief duration. Although Ana is not good at acting, she works as a chef at a small Miami restaurant.

There is very little information available when discussing her father’s professional career.

After contacting Amara and telling her how he had grown up with her, he starred in Love and Hip Hop: Miami.

There has been much discussion about why he was not a part of Amara’s life growing up and why he has decided to return.

Amara La Negra Mother
A rare picture of Amara La Negra with her father. (Image source: Facebook)

He said that it was because her mother had begun seeing a new man after he got back to Puerto Rico. So he decided to back off and proceed in the same manner as she had.

Mami Ana said this was untrue and that she found a partner much later when Amara questioned her about it.

She tried to ask him for assistance in parenting Amara, but she never got a response.

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