Abigail Harris Getty Death News Real Or Hoax? Children Age And Wiki Bio

Abigail Harris Getty Death

Many people are curious about whether the news is true or not about Abigail Harris Getty Death. A former water polo champion was John Paul Getty Jr’s first wife.

Four children, including John Paul Getty III and Mark Getty, were born to them before getting separated in 1964.

John Paul Getty Jr was a British book collector and benefactor. He was the third of J. Paul Getty’s five boys, he was one of the richest people in the world at the time and lived from 1892 to 1976.  The oil company George Franklin Getty established is what gave rise to the wealth of the Getty family.

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Abigail Harris Getty Death News Real Or Hoax?

There is no information about Abigail Harris Getty’s death in any of the available sources. Abigail Harris Getty is known as the first wife of John Paul Getty Jr. She was a former water polo champion. Before getting a divorce they had 4 children together, Among them John Paul Getty III and Mark Getty are well- known.

The story of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III was so famous that there is a movie about it. Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World, which received three Golden Globe nominations, is based on the tragic 1973 abduction of John Paul Getty III, one of the sons.

In the movie All The Money In The World, the actress Michelle Williams portrays Abigail Harris. The movie, which is based on John Paul Getty’s true tale, examines his grandson John Paul Getty III’s five-month kidnapping in 1973.

The wealthiest man in history, John Paul Getty, refuses to pay the ransom because he fears being overtaxed. Harris will have to go up against her husband to get her baby back. The plot of the movie All The Money In The World refers to a woman’s solitary mission to locate her boy while taking care of her other three children. With the aid of a spy, Harris successfully negotiates with the police and Getty’s captors.

Abigail Harris Getty Children

The New York Times reported that Gail once shared a marriage with J. Paul Getty Jr.. John Paul III, Aileen, Mark, and Ariadne were the couple’s four offspring. They got married in 1956 close to San Francisco. By the time John Paul III was abducted, the pair had been divorced for ten years. Gail Getty remained in Italy with their four children while her ex-husband wed the Dutch actress in 1966.

Abigail Harris Getty Death
John Paul Getty III with his mother at Rome’s Police Headquarters( Source: nbcnews)

John Paul III is a firstborn known for kidnapped J. Paul Getty Jr’s son. On July 14, 1957, Aileen Getty their second child was born to her parents. Then, Mark Harris Getty the co-founder and head of Getty Images is an Irish businessman named was born in 1960. Ariadne Getty, the youngest  born in 1962 is an American philanthropist, entrepreneur, and film director of Italian descent.

According to the screenwriter of All The Money in the World, which is also based on the kidnapping of John Paul III, John Paull III was very close to his mother because she essentially took care of him until his death.

Abigail Harris Getty Age And Wiki Bio

There is no information about the former water polo champion’s exact birthdate right now. But, according to a People article published in late 2017, Gail was then 85 and leading a “quiet life in London” which means she was born in the year 1932.

According to a source from 2021, Simon Beaufoy, the creator of the series, was particularly interested in Gail because she is the only surviving member of the Getty family who was engaged in the events of Trust. However, no details about her are available in 2023.

Abigail Harris Getty
The movie poster of All the Money in the World( Source: rottentomatoes)

He admitted to The Hollywood Reporter in 2018 that he “really wanted to talk to her, but it proved very difficult for legal reasons.” He added that he has a great deal of respect for her.

Gail was “very, very strong,” according to William Newsom, a judge and family acquaintance of the Gettys, said at the time.

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